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  • After 3 years this is still my choice!

    We found this video on Youtube, thank you very much Mr. Tigner Adventures for choosing our B12P3000-1 of 3000W inverters.

    The pure sine wave inverter was used in Tigner\'s RV. He made this video three years ago. Today, after three years, he changed the title to "CNBOU 3000 WATT INVERTER: 3 Years and working great. A nice pure sine wave inverter. Great Support" . We CNBOU feel very proud and to provide reliable power for RV is a small contribution we can make to those who love RV life.

    We left a message on Tigner Adventures’ Youtube channel, thank him for choosing CNBOU’s inverter, and asked if we could put this video on our channel and our website,Tinger Adventures replied “Thanks Rico.” I do love this inverter and plan to do another video here soon about my system and how after 3 years this is still my choice!”

    We are honored that Tinger evaluated our inverter three years later. We will continue to make better products. CNBOU will continue to make more contributions to the RV life.

    If you are interested, please follow Tinger Adventures' Youtube channel:

    B12P3000-1 pure sine wave inverter:

    2021-04-27 00:00
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