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  • Amazing BPlus series pure sine wave inverter

    BPlus series pure sine wave inverter

    Hey, we are CNBOU, who started to manufacture pure sine wave inverters since 2012.

    BPlus series pure sine wave inverter intelligent pure sine wave inverter, we dedicated to make the products suitable for users with 8 years of professional experience. You deserve it. The aluminum case is equipped with plastic baffles of flame retardant materials at both side, which makes heat dissipation space larger. The highly integrated DC connector, more flexible AC output socket configuration, standard MODBUS communication, remote control and the Internet of Things are more convenient and simple.2.1Amp USB charging can be adapted to all mobile phones and PAD. You deserve this Creativity And Ingenuity pure sine wave inverter. With shockproof design, PCB of pure sine wave inverter could be fixed to the base, which is more suitable for small cars, RVs, trucks, ships and another application places that require higher vibration. The DC end uses a pure copper connector greater than 200A, which directly be integrated in the plastic baffle.The grounding wire sign is obvious and it is more safe and reliable. The BPlus series pure sine wave inverter uses a high-speed TI DSP CPU processor with an anti-reverse design on the DC end, even if the reverse connection of pure sine wave inverter does not cause any damage, and the unique spark-free DC contact design makes the operator safer. The AC socket is replaceable and can be applied to any types of sockets of different countries in the world. The USB port provides 5V2.1 power. The RJ-45 type communication interface is the international standard MODBUS communication protocol. It can send data to any terminal, of course also includes our remote display module (Remote-485M). For remote control farther than 30 meters, there is no need to add any power to the remote display module. On the Remote-485 module, it can display the battery (DC) voltage, battery capacity, load power, output frequency, AC output voltage and inverter temperature. Pressing SET to enter the setting interface, you can also set up the battery type, battery low-voltage shutdown point, 50HZ / 60HZ frequency switching, temperature unit switching, etc. The BPlus series pure sine wave inverter of intelligent pure sine wave inverters have three times peak power and meet the power needs of all equipment. CNBOU, your trusted professional manufacturer of pure sine wave inverter. You deserve it.
    2020-05-30 00:00
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