What size battery does my RV electrical system need?

After understanding the battery type, we began to simply calculate the power consumption in our RV. For example, in a 102-liter DC refrigerator A, we calculate according to the nominal display 0.39KWH/24H, the 24-hour power consumption is 0.39KWH which we commonly use. A 12V DC air conditioner B, the power of the compressor is 300-900W, we calculate it according to half the time the compressor works (if the temperature drops, the compressor will automatically stop): 900W/2*1H=0.45KWH, which means if the air conditioner used for 1 hour, it is about 0.45 kWh of electricity.

These devices are all DC devices, directly derived from the battery, and the loss is very small. In addition, there are some LED lights, which are quite small loads and can be ignored. After calculated the DC load, we calculated the AC equipment. Usually, the most used by RV users should be induction cooker C, electric kettle D, we also give an example, the maximum power of the induction cooker is 2100W, because the induction cooker is AC equipment, so its power supply is inverted from the battery through the inverter, the conversion efficiency of the inverter is very important here.

The most popular ones on the market are the low-frequency inverter with integrated charging and inversion and the normal high-frequency inverter. In the state of 12V, the conversion efficiency of the low-frequency inverter is much lower. The conversion efficiency of the normal low-frequency inverter 12V3000W is about 80%, while the quiescent current reaches 150-200W, and the conversion efficiency of the high-frequency inverter is 88%, and the quiescent current is about 300W. If you are using a low-frequency inverter, the power consumption of a 2100W induction cooker is 2100W/0.8*1h=2.6KWH. In other words, the induction cooker consumes 2.6 kWh of electricity for one hour. The power of an electric kettle is about 1200W. Usually, we can boil a pot of water in 7 minutes. 1200W/0.8*0.12= 0.18KWH, which means that 0.18 kWh of electricity is required for boiling water.

Knowing this calculation method, do you understand the power consumption in your RV? Choosing a battery with a reasonable capacity will bring enough power for your RV trip.
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