What runs on 12-volt in RV?

Many RV owners design their RV electrical system based on information from the internet, but in reality you need to know about the equipment inside your RV and design your electrical system based on the equipment. We know that there is DC and AC power in an RV, and that the two types of power will be provided to different equipment to run. So what we need to know is which equipment in your RV is running on a 12 Volt DC system to determine how many power an inverter need to be used to power AC equipment, we here list some of the equipment that can operate in 12 Volt and is readily available in the market for RV use.

1. DC air conditioner (900W)

2. DC LED lights (20W)

3. DC monitoring system (10W)

4. RV electric bracket (150W)

5. Ventilation fan with LED light (23W)

6. USB charging socket (15W)

7. Range hood for RV (60W)

8. DC refrigerator 105L (50W)

If your RV is equipped with the above DC products, then you can simply figure out the other devices that use 110V or 230V AC. Usually now 12VDC 3000W high frequency pure sine wave inverter bypass is popular, it is different from the low frequency pure sine wave inverter, which has the advantages of light weight, high efficiency, low heat generation, static current, etc.. We all know that weight and heat generation is very important for the RV, compared with high frequency pure sine wave inverter, the installation of low frequency inverter is equivalent to the weight of an extra person on your car, of course, the weight of a child, which is almost 25kg. The quiescent current will consume the power of RV battery quickly, which will become very critical in the RV that lacks power itself.

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