What do I need for off-grid solar system?

If you need to set up an off-grid solar system, you need to understand your needs first. How much load do you need to power, and how long do you need this system to work for you when there is no external environment (no grid and no solar) to provide power? Only when you understand your needs can you design an off-grid solar system that meets your expectations, and we present here two options to choose from.

1. Separate off-grid solar system
A. Solar Panel
B. MPPT solar charge controller
C. Battery
D. DC to AC power inverter

Separate off-grid solar system consists of solar panel, MPPT Solar charge controller, battery and pure sine wave inverter. The cost is low and the combination is flexible.

This is a very flexible composition and your off-grid solar system will be very flexible and ready for future expansion. If you increase the load, then you need to increase the solar panels, at this time if the MPPT solar charge controller is not enough, you just need to replace a MPPT Solar charge controller. of course, if you feel that the pure sine wave inverter is not enough, you can also directly replace the pure sine wave inverter, no need to replace the whole system, or you add a MPPT solar controller so that it is connected in parallel It is also feasible, although not very recommended, but in order to save costs, is a way to balance. Of course if you add a load that can have independent lines, you can also add a pure sine wave inverter directly, but it requires independent lines and cannot be used in parallel.

2. All-in-one off-grid solar system
A. Solar Panel
B. Off grid solar inverter
C. Battery

An integrated off-grid solar system consists of solar panels, an integrated off-grid solar inverter and batteries. The cost will be higher, but easy to install.

Off grid solar inverter is a combination of MPPT solar charge controller and pure sine wave inverter into a stand-alone solution, which is very easy to install and will have more functions. The downside is that it will be less scalable and cannot be expanded, and if your system changes, the entire off-grid solar inverter will need to be replaced.

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