What can a 400 watt inverter run?

Off-grid life is becoming a popular way of life at present. Whether it is home off-grid or RV off-grid, inverter is an indispensable part, but the high price will discourage many people. And generally speaking, the higher the power inverter, the higher the price, if all you need is a small off-grid system, a 400 watt power inverter will suffice. The range and number of items that a 400W inverter is capable of powering boils down to their actual electricity usage (measured in watts). A 400W inverter can run any number of devices as long as it is less than 400 watts.

A 400 watt power inverter can run the following appliances:
· Small TV
· Laptop
· Game console
· Portable Audio
· Portable Coffee Machine
· Small refrigerator (100-400W)

How long will a 400 watt inverter last?
It depends on the load and the size of the battery. The inverter can always work as long as the load does not exceed 400W and there is a large enough battery. A computer with a power of 200W is used in a 400W inverter with a 12.8V/100Ah battery, and the inverter will last for six hours.

Run time = battery size / inverter load

If you are using a 12.8V/100Ah battery, under the condition that the load power does not exceed 400W, it is only necessary to calculate the working time of the inverter.

However, CNBOU BP series pure sine wave inverter 300W is designed with a 20% margin, which can run for a long time at 360W, and its peak power can also reach 720W, which can basically replace a 400W inverter. The BPlus series 300 watt power inverter can be adjusted to 350W through software, and its peak power can reach 1050W, which can fully meet the daily work of small power loads. This will be a good choice.

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