What are RV electrical system’s keywords?

First, let’s take a look at the professional terms in the RV power system.
DC load power (W) = battery voltage (V) * load ampere (A).
If it is a 12V system, the battery voltage is 12V
AC load power (W) = AC voltage (V) * load ampere (A).
If it is used domestically, the AC voltage is 220V or 120V
Battery capacity (WH) = battery voltage (V) * charging and discharging ampere (A) * hours (H)
We heard that many RV users directly talk about how much AH is when talking about the battery capacity. In fact, this understanding has somewhat deviated. Let’s take the lithium iron phosphate battery as an example. The surface of the battery is nominally 12.8V / 460AH, then the capacity of this battery is: 12.8V*460AH=5888WH=5.89kWh, kWh is actually the same as our electricity meter at home, which is often said to be 5.89 kWh instead of directly reading 4.6 kWh.
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