Solar in RV, One of the best videos on solar that I have watched

we saw David & Ninette's video again. This is a blogger from YouTube. They are full time RV enthusiasts. Please note that they don't play RVs occasionally, but live in RVs for a long time. David said this has already been 4 years. We can follow David's YouTube channel: Tigner Adventures. David will tell you a lot about RV solutions, which is very important because he has verified.

We noticed that this issue of his video is mainly about the solar system of the RV. Someone left a message "this is one of the best videos on solar that I have watched", so we must share thei video to everyone. We notice that AGM battery, battery shunt, AC charger, MPPT solar charge controller,  solar pannel and BP series 3000W pure sine wave inverter are used in the video. We are very happy the CNBOU's inverter has accompanied David and Ninette for four years. It is our honor that our products work normally within four years to provide all AC power for their lives.

David talked about how his RV power works, and make you know how much solar panel you need depends on how many Ah your battery system is and how many hours you need to fully charged. Of course he also talked about how much load this solar system can work, such as TV sets, microwave ovens, computers and so on. This is a very real case, worthy of your reference.

Thanks again to David, Please click on the source video address: do you need solar and do you understand the process.

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