Should I disconnect my RV battery when plugged in?

It depends on the design of the electrical system in your RV, especially the selection and design of the AC charging and inverter determine if that operation is needed.

RV owners need to use the AC equipment in the car when they stay in the car, especially in summer, the temperature inside is very high and it needs to turn on the air conditioner for a long time, but many owners have refrigerators running 24 hours; this time the battery will not be enough, the power of the solar system in the RV is limited, or there is not always good sunshine to support the power generation, then it will be necessary to plug in the mains in the premises or basic to charge the battery and powering the load at the same time. In this case, should I disconnect my RV battery when plugged in? we need to talk about two cases, which have the difference between inverters with bypass function and DC to AC inverters.

1. With bypass inverter
If your inverter has bypass function, there is no need to do anything when plugged in to the grid.  When the grid is detected, the inverter with bypass function will automatically switch to grid to provide the  power for the load in the car, the BP series with bypass inverter has a switching time  <19ms. We highly recommend using our BP series with bypass inverter + Ares series battery charger, when the bypass inverter switch to grid, also the Ares series battery charger will charge the battery, it is a very smart solution for RV power charging and electricity system. And the Ares series battery charger provides a maximum charge current of 12.8v 100amps, even if you have a 12.8v/1000ah battery, it only takes 10 hours to be fully charged, which is a very good choice.


Inverter with bypass function generally has two modes, a. Grid priority b. Battery priority . Choose the corresponding mode according to your situation. If you are using inverter charger, some models will also have bypass mode, such as our BP with charger series, but we also found some cheap inverter charger in the market, just DC to AC inverter + ac charger does not have bypass mode, please pay attention to the choice.

2.DC to AC inverter
Many caravan manufacturers or conversion plants, in order to reduce costs, in the caravan only installed DC to AC inverter, it is completely separate from the grid, and will be installed a converter at the same time. If grid plugged in before the inverter is off, and then the converter to the mains. Operate correctly, otherwise the gird plugged in will burn the inverter, but there is no relationship with the battery, it will not damage the battery .
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