How much power can you generate on your dock with off-grid solar system?

When you need to install off-grid solar system on your boat dock, I think it is a professional work. Boat dock is usually built without grid, if we need to apply for a transformer to power a separate boat dock, it will be very expensive to achieve. Therefore, choosing an off-grid solar system for free, eliminating the need to build a transformer to provide grid (about $20,000) and not having to pay for the usual grid, is a good solution for your boat dock.

Off-grid solar system on boat dock from a solar energy system can power the following:

●Boat lifts
●Lighting fixtures
●Air conditioner
●Washing machine, microwave oven
●Charge to Mobile phone, laptops, tablets
●Power tools
●Party accessories like speakers, TVs

Many owners of boat docks wonder if off-grid solar system will cover all their use cases or not. The answer is yes. This off-grid solar system can work all year round.

How much power can you generate on your dock with off-grid solar system?

It depends on how many Watt of solar panels you need to build. Boat dock owners usually only go to enjoy the boat dock life on the rest days, and hardly use electricity on weekdays, only to power some Camera or LEDs, and this can be hardly calculated, because only a small amount of electricity is needed. If we can use off-grid solar system to generate 2kWh per day, we can store 10kWh from Monday to Friday, and 10kWh is enough for two days of electricity, and of course off-grid solar system can also generate 4kWh on every Saturday and Sunday.

Assuming 5 hours of sunshine per day in your local area, it would only take 400W of solar panels to generate 2kWh of power and store 10kWh of power, need 200AH of batteries for a 48V battery system, providing a large enough inverter to run most electrical equipment, like a 5000W pure sine wave inverter. The following list mentioned (because to ensure that there is enough power generation and the whole solar system will have some conversion loss, we will design a larger device):

●300W MONO or Poly solar panel *2
●20A Mppt solar charge controller (12V/24V/48VDC Auto)
●51.2VDC 200AH LiFePO4 battery
5kw pure sine wave inverter

Such a system configuration takes low cost and can be used for more than 6 years. The service life of solar panel, Mppt solar charge controller and pure sine wave inverter can reach more than 10 years.

CNBOU's Mppt solar charge controller and 5kw pure sine wave inverter combination has been in operation for more than 50 off-grid solar systems on boat dock in the US for more than 3 years.

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