Modified Sine Wave VS Pure sine wave power inverter

Divided by output waveform: Modified sine wave inverter and pure sine wave inverter

The modified sine wave inverter is optimized on the basis of the square wave inverter. Compared with the suqare wave inverter, the output voltage  waveform is significantly improved, and the harmonic content is also much smaller than that of the square wave inverter. The modified sine wave inverter adds a delay in the time period when the voltage is 0. Because this delay is added, the battery will not change suddenly, from +220V to -220V to +220V to 0V to -220V. This change makes the modified sine wave inverter suitable for ordinary resistive loads, but it is still not suitable for capacitive loads and inductive loads. If you use inductive loads to have a certain impact on the electrical load, the load will burn out in severe cases.

The advantages of modified sine wave inverter: low price, very cost-effective for users with only resistive loads.

The disadvantage of modified sine wave inverter: large harmonic interference, poor carrying capacity, not suitable for capacitive and inductive loads.

The pure sine wave inverter simulates the voltage change of the mains power through a complex circuit, and its output power quality is the same as or even better than that of the mains. The output waveform is highly cosistent with the waveform of the mains. Because the mains power is used for very complex loads, there will still be a certain amount of harmonic interference. The pure sine wave runs independently, normally the pure sine wave provides higher AC power than mains. It is suitable for running all types of loads, including resistive loads, capacitive loads and inductive loads. Good quality pure sine wave inverters are more suitable for radios, communication equipment, medical equipment and precision instruments.

The advantages of pure sine wave inverter: suitable for all types of loads, with high stability and low harmonic interference.

The disadvantages of the pure sine wave inverter: Compared with modified sine wave inverter, the price is higher.

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