How to charge battery while it is connected to grid in RV electrical system?

AC charger for RV battery

The AC charger is connected to the mains when parking the RV to charge the battery. Commonly, there are chargers that come with the inverter. Generally, the charging current is small. If it is a low-frequency inverter, it may also be marked as 50A-80A. The charging current 12.8V of a single charger is only 100A. What does charging current mean? If there is a 12.8V/460AH battery, it takes 4.6 hours to fully charge by using a 12.8V/100A charger. The calculation formula is 460AH/100A=4.6H. It should be noted that it must use a matching charger to charge the battery. The charger parameters of different batteries are different. For lead-acid, the voltage of CC must be 15.5V. Although the lithium battery has a protective plate for protection, it is still risky and dangerous.

A summary of charging:
1. Review your general information of habits, driving time and parking time
2. A simple calculation is required for the power consumption in the RV when parking
3. If the above three charging methods are installed in the RV, get to know about the approximate distribution of the various charging methods.
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