How do I keep my RV fridge cold while driving?

As long as your power supply system and refrigerator can work normally, the cooling of the refrigerator will not be affected whether you are driving or parking. We have also done a lot of investigations and have helped RV refitting to complete the transformation of many RV power systems. Many customers are worried about their refrigerators, in the life of RVs, refrigerators seem to be more important than air conditioning.

Many RV owners drive RV to travel long distances, so they need to store some food in the refrigerator which is not available everywhere. If there is any problem with the refrigerator, the food will go bad. So, the concerns are justified. We found many RV owners have installed 200W-400W solar panel on the roof of the car, using DC air conditioners, but still cannot meet the running of the air conditioner, and the power of the refrigerator is 100W. Why? We inspected a lot of RVs and found that the installation of the solar panels didn't meet the specifications. In order to install more solar panels on the roof of RV, which usually leads many different size of solar panels to be composed on the RV roof. It will not increase but reduce power generation. If it is connected in series, it will generate electricity with the minimum power current. That is to say, if you connect 50 strings in series with 100W, the actual power obtained  is only 100W, and the other 50W will not work. Because of this, many refitting factories think taht we must connect all the solar panels in parallel, such as 100W+50W+30W, of course, it may solve some problems, but this will be unfriendly to the solar controllers, and even the connection cables will be difficult. Beacuse multiple cables connected, if professional tools not be used, there is a risk of unrellibale connection. If you don't use an MPPT solar charge controller, it will not work better and unable to track the maximum power point, this will also lose a certain amount of energy.

We recommend all the RV owners to install solar panels of the same size as much as possible. If they are used in series to increase the PV input voltage and use MPPT soalr charge controller, more energy will generated.

Installing reasonable solar panels will not affect your refrigerator whether you are driving or parking. As long as there is reliable electricity, your RV refrigerator will always work for you, bringing you fresh food and cold beer.
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