How do I charge my RV electrical system battery?

How to properly configure the charging method of the life battery in the RV?
There are basically three parts to charging the living battery in the RV:

1. Car motor charger
2. MPPT/PWM solar control charger
3. AC charger

There are two types of car chargers

A. Dual battery isolator: The charger that charges the "car battery" from the engine compartment at the same time charges the life battery. This kind of application is very efficient and easy to install. It charges two batteries at the same time when charging, and separates them when only the life battery is used instead of the "car battery". According to the power of the car generator, you can choose 80-120A. If your car generator supports a charging current of 120A, then 120A*12V*1 hour=1.44KWH, which means that the life battery can be charged 1.44KWH for 1 hour of driving.

B. 12 to 12v DC charger, the advantage of this product is that it supports a wide front-end voltage input, usually 10.5-16V, similar to a dedicated charger, it can be charged in CC/CV mode. But its price will be much more expensive than dual battery isolators, and generally does not support high power.
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