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HeliosII 5kw solar system with battery backup
HeliosII 5kw solar system with battery backup HeliosII 5kw solar system with battery backup HeliosII 5kw solar system with battery backup HeliosII 5kw solar system with battery backup

HeliosII 5kw solar system with battery backup

The HeliosII 5kw off grid solar inverter have the ability to get 2880W solar panel energy to charge battery or direct to load, continuous power 5000 watt and 15,000 watt surge power suitable for any sensitive load. Friendly LCD human-computer LCD display, provide all information for your off grid solar system. CNBOU 10 years Professional manufacturer of inverters.


In our eyes, every detail of HeliosII off grid solar inverter is to improve quality, design and human-interactive, requirements, ensuring that your off-grid system can meet each of your needs when it is running, and it all comes from the 4.3-inch interactive LCD screen. On the screen, all the conditions of your off-grid solar system are readily apparent, including the voltage for your solar module, the inverter temperature, voltage, and capacity of the battery, charging current of the MPPT, whether the grid and inverter system output is normal, the day’s power generation, total power generation, PV power, load power, the most important for inverter priority.
After entering the settings interface,  like Columbus on the edge of the New World, HeliosⅡoff grid solar inverter offers users many choices, including the temperature unit, AC output frequency, LCD backlight, grid charging capability, Alarm capability, and more.
The most important is CNBOU’s original, two AC output modes: Hold Vol and Hold Wave. The off grid solar inverter has a voltage regulation function for, when load resistance is at its highest, the Hold Vol is a good choice; when your maximum load needs high-quality AC power, the Hold Wave is a good choice.
No matter the circumstance, HeliosII 0ff grid solar inverter always maintains  good output waveform. HeliosII supports 4 battery types: AGM/GEL/OPzV,LifePO4-15S,LifePO4-16S,LiMn2O4.In addition to our default battery full-voltage battery and empty-voltage value battery, users also can modify parameters to suit the battery pack, which means that all types of batteries can be compatible.
Of course HeliosII-485MCP off grid solar inverter also supports a variety of priority modes: Grid priority, Solar priority, Light priority, Time priority, Peak-filling mode, or a flexible working model can meet a user's needs.

5KW Off Grid Solar Inverter Key Features:
1.15,000 watt surge power design, 5000 watt continuous power.
2. 0ms solar go grid transfer time.
3. Provide AGM/GEL/OPzV/Lifepo4/ LiMn2O4 batteries system.
4. Battery connection without sparks.
5. Battery full/empty, re-start to CC voltage value setup in display.
5. Provide Grid, solar, lights, times and peak load shifting priority.
6. Provide Hold voltage and Hold sine wave model.
7. MPPT and AC charge current adjustable at display.
8. 4.3 inch TFT display easy to setup and operate..

Quality Control:
1. GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015.
2. Standard high-quality components.
3. Quality inspection of the 5 processes of the assembly line.
4. 100% full solar energy and load 60 minutes aging.
5. Before packing all function check.

1.In order to prevent accidents and ensure safe and proper use of the product, please read precautions and use this equipment according to the instruction.
2.It is suggested to install a suitable fuse or breaker outside of the HeliosII off-grid solar inverter.
3.Before installing and adjust the controller wiring, please break the connecting wire of the solar panel and battery, the fuse or breaker close to the battery terminal.
4.Non-professional please don’t open the HeliosII off grid solar inverter, because of the high voltage inside inverter. When open by yourself without warranty.


Continuous power
Peak Power
15000W(105% 15Min/150% 15Sec/200% 1Sec/300% 0.1Sec)
AC Output
120V or 230V
AC Input Range
Output Frequency
DC Voltage
DC Input Range
PV Power
PV Input Voltage
MPPT Efficiency
AC Charge Current
MPPT Charge Current
MAX Charge Current
Wave Form
Pure sine wave
AC Regulation
Transfer Times
Non-load Current
Protection Function
Low/Over Voltage,Over Load,Over Temp,Short Circuit,Anti-reverse protection etc.
Support Function
BMS/Generator/MODBUS Communication
Products Size
Packing Size

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