Can a house run on solar power alone?

If you live in a city, building a completely self-contained off-grid solar system may not seem particularly appropriate, either for economic reasons or for environmental reasons.  Maybe you don't have enough roof space to build a solar panel for your entire home, and since the electricity supply in cities is stable and relatively inexpensive, building such an off-grid system may not seem to meet the goal of cost savings.

If you are in a rural area, or in a less developed area, it is possible to build a stand-alone off-grid system to meet the electricity needs of your house. We first need to calculate the electricity consumption of your whole house, if it is a new house then you need to calculate the power and average time of use of all the electrics, if it is an old house then you can check your electricity bill to see how much electricity you use each month. Considering that the electricity comsumption is relatively high in summer and winter (mainly air conditioning), we recommend you to ask a professional EPC to do the calculation while spring and fall are relatively less. To create a stand-alone off-grid solar system to meet the year-round electricity consumption of your entire house requires accurate calculations. In addition to calculating electricity consumption, we also need to consider the weather and climate of your location. The sunshine is different in each region, and the energy produced by the solar panel will be very different. Although we know that the electricity generation in summer is always greater than that in winter, we have to calculate according to the sunshine situation and install enough solar panels to supply the electricity demand of the entire house. Once we have the exact amount, we can measure if you have enough space on your roof. When considering the installation of solar panels, it is very important to install them in a south-facing direction, as the sun shines much more often in the south than in the north.

After we confirm the size of the solar panel to be used and the installation space, we select the appropriate MPPT solar controller and sine wave inverter. We suggest to use an MPPT solar controller that 20% larger to facilitate the use of later expansion. The inverter needs to be larger than the peak power, for example, you have air conditioner, refrigerator, these are inductive loads, instant start power is very large, choose the right power inverter will make the system more stable operation.

A house runs on solar power alone is completely achievable. After we understand the most basic calculation, it is still recommended to hire a professional installation company to build the independent off-grid solar system.

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