Best inverter and battery combination for home

We found the many users are confused about how to choose home inverters and batteries. This article will list some of the equipments used in the home, which can help you to choose the correct combination of inverter and battery according to the different equipments and frequency of use. In this table, we use a standard brand new lithium iron phosphate battery and pure sine wave inverter, because lead-acid batteries have different characteristics, the calculation method is not standard,  we will use a brand new 1C lithium iron phosphate battery.

Our calculation method is basically based on the type of load, judging wether it is a resistive load, a capacitive load or an inductive load and calculating its starting power (surge power) according to the load type to match the inverter. We will have 10%-20% margin to calculate the required inverter power. The continuous working time is calculated based on 80% of the battery capacity, considering the conversion efficiency of the inverter and the remaining 5% of the battery capacity. Although our calculations are very detailed, there are still differences between different loads, batteries, inverters. Please choose as much margin as possible.

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