12Vdc to 220Vac 350W Power Inverter For Car

The BPlus series 12Vdc to 220Vac 350W power inverter for car, This is an inverter built into a business car.  from car 12V car battery to 220Vac for load.Supply computer, refrigerator and other loads while the vehicle is in motion. This is an original car inverter built into the vehicle. It is customized by CNBOU.

BPlus Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter(Testing Report)
产品名称     Product NameBPlus-350W-GV1.0硬件版本Hardware GV1.0软件版本 Software V1.2测试时间Testing Time
测试项目       Testing Item基本数据测试                   Basic Testing状态 State Pass/Fail要求数据Specified Data实际数据Testing Data备注Remarks
主要功能测试(Main Fuction)
0%负载输出电压0% Load AC output volPass220V±3%220V
50%负载输出电压50% Load AC output volPass220V±3%217.6V
75%负载输出电压75% LoadAC output volPass220V±3%217.6V
100%负载输出电压100% LoadAC output volPass220V±3%217.5V
峰值功率Peak powerPass700W1050W
输出频率AC Output FrequencyPass50HZ±2%50HZ
电池过压Battery OverPass15.5V±0.5V15.4V
电池欠压Battery Low shut downPass10V±0.5V9.7V
电池欠压恢复Battery Low RecoverPass13V±0.5V12.8V
交流输出过载Over Load100%负载LoadAlways RunningAlways Running
105%过载Load5分钟(M)PassChange to Over current protection
过载恢复Over Load RecoverPass3 Times Re-Start to Shut down
交流输出短路保护AC Short CircuitPass3 Times Re-Start to Shut down
电池反接保护Battery OpposePassFuse
过温保护Over Temp90°C
过温恢复Over Temp Recover60°C

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