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1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave
1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave

1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave

CNBOU BP series 1000w bypass inverter is a high-quality pure sine wave inverter with the bypass module function. This 1000w bypass inverter provides options for grid or battery priority. In the case of the grid priority, when the power grid is disconnected, it will automatically switch to the battery for loads. In the case of battery priority, when the battery voltage is too low or the power is exhausted, it will automatically switch to the grid. This inverter has a surge power of 2000w and a continuous power of 1000w. CNBOU is a professional inverter charger manufacturer for 10 years.
12VDC 1000W | 24VDC 1000W | 48VDC 1000W
Socket Available:
Inverter socket


The BP series 1000w bypass inverter is a 2 in 1 high-quality backup power system without the charging function that expertly combines an inverter and an automatic relay.  but it has no charging function. It is suitable for off-grid solar kits or vehicle systems that do not require the grid to charge the battery but need to switch automatically.  This 1000w bypass inverter can switch freely between the grid and the battery, and it only takes 11 seconds to ensure the normal operation of sensitive electronic equipment. When switching to the grid, the relay supplies the grid to the load directly, the power not via the inverter, reducing losses.

1000w Bypass Inverter Pure Sine Wave Key Features:  
1. Provide 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/ system voltage.
2. 1000 watt full power long time running at a low temperature design. 
3. Bypass model support 10amp current via relay.
4. DC low and over voltage protection, over-load protection, over temperature protection and short circuit indication. 
5. Max 94% conversion efficiency via 48VDC system. 
6. Provide grid and battery priority customize before shipping. Default is grid priority.
6. Provide remote control panel. (optional)

Quality Control:  
1. GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015. 
2. Standard high-quality components. 
3. Quality inspection of the 5 processes of the assembly line. 
4. PCB ultrasonic cleaning and control card Three anti-paint protection.
5. 100% full power 30 minutes and full charging aging.
6. Before packing 6 function testing, include sine wave, low/over voltage, USB charger short circuit and bypass testing.

1.The 1000W bypass inverter should be installed at a dry, well ventilated environment, keep the inlet more than 20CM away from the wall.
2.DC input is not reversed, otherwise the fuse blows, possible mosfet failure.
3.Short-circuit fault, Restart after removing the fault, otherwise inverter damage.
4.Non-professional please don’t open the 1000W bypass inverter, because of the high voltage inside inverter. When open by yourself without warranty.


  Rated Power1000W
  Peak Power2000W
  Wave FormPure Sine Wave
  Output Efficiency≥88%
  AC RegulationTHD<3% (Linear Load)
  DC Voltage12V24V48V
  DC Voltage Range10-15.5V20-31V40-61V
  Low Voltage Alarm10.5±0.5V21±0.5V42±1V
  Low Voltage Shut Down10±0.5V20±0.5V40±1V
  Over Voltage Shut Down15.5±0.5V31±0.5V61±1V
  Low Voltage Recovery13±0.5V24±0.5V48±1V
  Over Voltage Recovery14.8±0.5V29.5±0.5V59±1V
  Transfer Time≤9MS
  AC Voltage120V (±5%) / 230V (±5%)
  USB Outlet5V 500MA
  Working Temp(-10℃-50℃)
  Storage Temp(-30℃-70℃)
  ProtectionOver Temperature
Low/ Over Voltage
Over Load
Short Circuit
Input Oppose (optional)
  PriorityOptional (Default Grid Priority)
  Production Size (mm)400*145*68
  Package Size (mm)460*200*125
  N.W/G.W (KG)3.4/4

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