BM Series Modified Sine Wave Inverter

1. Full power design

2. LCD display DC&AC voltage and Power

3. 5 type of protection

4. Support DC/AC/HZ OEM

5. 2 times peak power

6. Power range: 1500W/2000W/3000W

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BM Series Modified Sine Wave Inverter

CNBOU’s most recently researched and developed product - BM series modified Sine Wave Inverter has over/under-voltage, short-circuit, over-load and over-temperature protection functions. Its input voltage supports 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC, and its output voltage supports 120VAC or 230VAC, frequency options are 50HZ or 60HZ. BM series has LCD display, which can shows operation conditions of the inverter explicitly. LCD display content includes: DC voltage, frequency, AC voltage, power and battery capacity. There are 5 grades of battery capacity, each level represent 20% battery power. It can be judged according to battery voltage. We always believe that a good man-machine interactive system reflects the most intuitive using experience of customers. BM series modified Sine Wave Inverter supports 5V2.1A USB charging function, which meets the majority of electronic devices charging demands.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter is not suitable for devices that are sensitive to power quality, such as motor, fan, latest TV set and stereo. If modified wave was used, load will not run or run slowly. For example,fluorescent lamp will not light as bright as usual and may makes buzzing noises. Modified wave’s output waveform is modified wave, so it is more suitable for resistance load but not precision apparatus. Old TV sets and incandescent lamps can use modified wave but it cannot be used to charge laptop, because it will damage laptop’s charger and shorten battery’s service life. But it has no impact on phone or PAD if use its USB interface (5V/2.1A) to charge.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter’s  conversion efficiency is below 80% usually. However, we used latest technology and improved BM series modified Sine Wave Inverter conversion efficiency to 88% (12VDC、230VAC), which is extremelycutting-edge in this field. Our company produces modified Sine Wave Inverter according to the standards performed to pure sine wave power inverters, it can meet most customers’ requirements. Meeting customers’ requirements is the thing that CNBOU has been keeping doing. CNBOU, your trustworthy partner.

We have developed LCD display remote for BM series modified sine wave inverter. Standard configuration 15 meters of communication line. the display will show battery capacity, DC voltage, AC voltage , Frequency and output power. also support turn ON and OFF for inverter.

Testing Video:

BM Series Modified Sine Wave Inverter,supported models: BM1500-1/2, BM2000-1/2, BM3000-1/2.

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   TypeB12M1500-1/ B12M1500-2/ B24M1500-1/ B24M1500-2/ B48M1500-1/ B48M1500-2B12M2000-1/ B12M2000-2/ B24M2000-1/ B24M2000-2/ B48M2000-1/ B48M2000-2B12M3000-1/ B12M3000-2/ B24M3000-1/ B24M3000-2/ B48M3000-1/ B48M3000-2
   Rated Power1500W2000W3000W
   Peak Power3000W4000W6000W
   Output Efficiency≥88%
   AC RegulationTHD<3% (linear load)
   DC Voltage12V24V48V12V24V48V12V24V48V
   DC Voltage Range10-15.5V20-31V40-61V10-15.5V20-31V40-61V10-15.5V20-31V40-61V
   Low Voltage Alarm10.5±0.5V21±0.5V42±1V10.5±0.5V21±0.5V42±1V10.5±0.5V21±0.5V42±1V
   Low Voltage Shut Down10±0.5V20±0.5V40±1V10±0.5V20±0.5V40±1V10±0.5V20±0.5V40±1V
   Over Voltage Shut Down15.5±0.5V31±0.5V61±1V15.5±0.5V31±0.5V61±1V15.5±0.5V31±0.5V61±1V
   Low Voltage Recovery13±0.5V24±0.5V48±1V13±0.5V24±0.5V48±1V13±0.5V24±0.5V48±1V
   Over Voltage Recovery14.8±0.5V29.5±0.5V59±1V14.8±0.5V29.5±0.5V59±1V14.8±0.5V29.5±0.5V59±1V
   AC Voltage120V (±5%) or 230v (±5%)
   USB Outlet5V/2.1A
   Working Temp(-10℃ - +50℃)
   Storage Temp(-30℃- +70℃)
   ProtectionLow Voltage
Over Voltage
Over Load
Over Temp
Short Circuit
   Rroduct Size (mm)355.7*207*86.5415.7*207*86.5445.7*207/86.5
   Packing Size (mm)400*280*155460*280*155505*280*155
   N.W/G.W (kg)3.25/3.854.25/4.95.2/5.95
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