MUSE II Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller
1. 30% higher than PWM mode
2. PV short-circuit protection, charge over-current protection
3. RS485 Modbus protocol Built-in bluetooth module
4.12V/24V/36V/48V identification
5. Historical data storage
6. MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%
7. Built-in temperature detection
8. Lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, open-ended batteries, lithium batteries
9. Current-limiting charging mode

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The release of the Muse II series MPPT solar charge controller marks CNBOU has made a series of breakthroughs in the field of MPPT solar controller. In 2015, the MUSE series MPPT Solar charge controller was released. We designed 10A/20A/40A models, and supported 12V/24V/48V automatic identification, and upgraded the traditional low-voltage mode to 150V solar panel input on the PV side to provide users more convenient connection with solar panels. With the rapid development of the world economy, users’ requirement of capacity for solar energy systems has further increased. Based on years of data analysis, we have upgraded the MUSE series MPPT solar charge controller of products, and launch the Muse II series MPPT solar charge controller, which will support 60A/70A/85A/100A, and also support 12V/24V/36V/48V automatic battery identification function, the highest voltage of PV is kept up to 150V, and we are also developing a second series to make PV input voltage up to 250V.

The Muse II series MPPT solar charge controller also uses the most advanced maximum power point tracking technology, which can quickly track the maximum power point of the solar panel in any complex environment to obtain more energy. The MPPT tracking efficiency has been increased from 98% of the MUSE series to 99% and the protection function has been further improved. Muse II has complete electronic fault detection and protection functions: solar panel anti-reverse protection, solar panel high-voltage protection, and solar over power protection, solar panel short circuit protection, over temperature protection, battery over voltage protection, battery over temperature protection, automatic current limit protection, TVS lightning protection, etc. MUSE II MPPT solar charge controller continues the fanless design of the MUSE series. In addition to the large base radiator, we have also redesigned the upper cover. The aluminum alloy die-casting process is adopted. The heat dissipation of the two inductors with the largest heat generation in MUSEII MPPT solar charge controller are specially designed for stable operation.

Muse II series MPPT Solar Charge Controller has a friendly LCD human-computer interaction system. Various parameters can be easily set through the setting button. Muse II also supports the removal of the LCD screen for remote display and control. It has a built-in bluetooth module and can be connected to the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth for parameters display and control. At the same time, it supports the BTS temperature sensor to compensate the battery temperature. When the battery temperature is too high, MuseII will automatically reduce the charging current or stop charging, so that the battery can prolong its service life in a better state. Muse II MPPT Solar Charge Controller supports LifePO4 battery. After setting normally, it has the activation function after the lithium battery is over-voltage or under-voltage. It also has built-in conventional lithium battery charge and discharge control. The user can also connect to the BMS through MODBUS, and the system will run the MPPT charging method according to the charge and discharge management control of the BMS

The Muse II MPPT Solar Charge Controller supports the parallel function. The parallel strategy of the MUSE series is independently controlled by a single machine to charge the battery pack. When the Muse II is in parallel, the charging status of the host is synchronized to the slave through the MODBUS communication interface, so that the entire MPPT system charges the battery pack in one state to maximize the performance of MPPT and protect the battery to extend the life of the battery.

MUSEII series MPPT Solar Charge Controller will be your best partner in building solar system.


a. Muse II series will not support DC direct output

b. The Muse II series will not support reverse battery protection

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Name of Parameter
Parameter Value
System Voltage
No-load loss
Battery voltage
Maximum PV open-circuit voltage
Maximum PV shout-circuit current
Maximum voltage range at power point
Battery voltage +2~120V
Rated charging current
Settable charging current
Power of solar panel(12V)
Power of solar panel(24V)
Power of solar panel(48V)
Charging conversion efficiency
MPPT tracing efficiency
Temperature compensation coefficient
- 3mV /℃ /2V (default, settable lead-acid); No temperature compensation for lithium battery.
Communication way
TTL /Isolated RS485; baud rate 9600, digital bit 3, stop bit 1, no check bit
Built-in bluetooth 4.0BLE module, achieving mobilephone APP monitoring
Internal temperature protection
When interior temperature of controller is higher than the set value, it shall perform linear power reduction operation
External temperature sampling of battery
The temperature is used for battery temperature compensation and battery temperature protection
Programmable relay
DPST 10A/250VAC; 10A/30VDC
Protection funtion
Battery overcharing protection, battery over discharge protection, 
PV anti-reverse protection, reverse charge protection at night, interior 
overtemperature protection of controller and over-current protection in charge
Operation temperature
-35℃~ +65℃ (No derating within 40℃)
Protection grade
Product size
Conventional: 266*194*119mm
MC4: 266*226*119mm
Conventional: 314*227*121mm
MC4: 314*259*121mm

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