Ares Series With Charge Inverter
1.  AC charge current up to 60Amp
2.  AC input range 170VAC-280VAC
3.  Transfer time <10MS
4.  Support “inverter priority” or “Grid Priority”
5.  Touch screen display to setup parameters
6.  Support AGM/GEL and Lifepo4 battery(BMS)
7.  Support WIFI to mobile phone APP(IOS/Android)

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Ares series with charge inverters continue the functions of Apollo series on mains charging, using the most advanced two-way working principle of transformers.

It can reach max. current charging without using inverse transformation, Ares series with charge inverter has three models: 24VDC/48VDC, 230VAC 3000W and 48VDC, 230VAC 5000W to meet the needs of most customers. Because of using brand-new AC charging technology, it can reach 60Amp at both 24VDC and 48VDC, and supports AGM/GEL or LifePO4 battery. The BMS management of LifePO4 battery can communicate through CAN or MODBUS.

Ares series with charge inverter is equipped with 2 standard output sockets, which is suitable for loads below 10Amp, and it is also equipped with 50Amp high-power aerial sockets, which enhance safety and error-proofing. After the wiring is connected, it will become a fully enclosed state, making electricity safer. A 50Amp aerial socket is also equipped on the mains input terminal, so when the mains power is connected, the socket will not heat up due to high-power charging.

Ares series with charge inverter supports two priority modes: mains priority and inverter priority. When mains priority is selected, the Bypass mode works, the mains power supplies the load while charging the battery. When inverter priority is selected, the battery will supply power to the load through the inverter, and the mains will be used as a backup. Normally our transform time is <10MS. Ares series also has low voltage protection, high voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection and other functions.
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Continous Power3000W3000W5000W
Peak Power6000W6000W10000W
AC Output220V/230V/240V
AC Input Range170V-280V
Output Frequency50HZ/60HZ (adjustable)
DC Voltage24V48V48V
DC Input Range21V-30V40V-62V40V-62V
AC Charge Current60A
Output Efficiency≤92%
Wave FormPure Sine Wave
AC RegulationTHD<3%
Transfer Time<10MS
Non-load Current1.2A
ProtectionLow/Over Voltage
Over load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Anti-reverse protect
Product Size (mm)470*330*130
N.W (KG)10.25
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