Apollo series on/off grid hybrid solar inverter
  • ON/OFF grid hybrid solar inverter
  • Parallel 9 pcs to single or three phase 45KW
  • Support Modbus and CAN for BMS system
  • Without battery running solar system
  • Support Wifi to Mobile App ( Android and IOS)
  • Current Transformer sensor
  • PV Input 5000W, PV voltage range 120V-450V
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CNBOU has always maintained the direction of changing the environment with you. We continue to explore the field of solar system. Under the premise of fully communicating with customers, we understand what kind of solar inverter is your requirement.                

At CNBOU, we feel that we have the responsibility to create meaningful and innovative products to make your solar system more stable and intelligent. Under this responsibility, we released the Apollo series ON/OFF Grid Hybrid Solar inverter.

Apollo series ON/OFF Grid Hybrid Solar inverter changes the previous definition of Hybrid solar inverter. Most Hybrid solar inverters on the market, like our HeliosII series, only have Grid for charging and backup functions, it is exactly that we always call HeliosII as off grid solar inverter. But in addition to the off grid solar system, the Apollo series also has ON Grid or Grid Tie functions. It is a Hybrid solar inverter in the true sense.

If you think that the Apollo series is only an ON/OFF Grid Solar inverter, obviously our understanding is not enough. Apollo series ON/OFF Hybrid solar inverter has two models: Apollo-243MCP(24VDC/230VAC/3000W) and Apollo-485MCP(48VDC/230AC/5000W). They are all equipped with 5000W PV input, MPPT charging current 90A and AC charging current 60A.

If PV input is greater than the MPPT charging current, other power will be delivered to the grid to achieve grid-connected function. Of course, if you don’t want to connect to the grid, we also provide an accessory for Current Transformer, which can prohibit surplus energy from being connected to the grid and provide other loads under the electric meter that are not connected to the Apollo load end (such loads are compatible with Grid Input on the same path), which compensates with the power provided by the national grid to achieve your idea of saving energy.

Apollo\'s display will also show the compensation power of the Current Transformer.

The human-computer interaction system of the Apollo series is similar to HeliosII, it can clearly display PV power, load power, output battery, battery charging power market status, of course, there will be inverter working mode, MPPT working status, etc. The Apollo series supports 4 working modes: Grid priority, battery priority, solar priority and solar + Grid priority. You can use different working modes to run the system under a variety of conditions.

About the Current Transformer sensor

  • Position on Current Transformer 3, the excess power converted by the inverter will supply load 3 for use.
  • Position on Current Transformer 2, the excess power converted by the inverter will supply both load 2 and load 3 for use.
  • Position on Current Transformer 1, the excess power converted by the inverter will supply load 1, load 2 and load 3 for use at the same time.

Apollo series supports mobile APP display through the WIFI module. It supports IOS and Android mobile phone systems. In the mobile APP, you can check the battery capacity, PV power generation, load power and other related information, it will also help you calculate the total power generation of your Apollo system and some data, allowing you to check the operation of your solar system.

Apollo series are equipped with standard parallel/serial card. By connecting the card, you can achieve a maximum of 9 units in parallel to achieve a single-phase maximum 230V/45KW power output, and a three-phase 380V/45KW output can also be achieved through series connection. It will be more flexible and stable.

The Apollo series supports AGM/LifePO4 batteries, and communicates with LifePO4’s BMS via MODBUS or CAN to better monitor the status of the battery, use the battery more rationally, and greatly increase the battery life.

Constantly pursuing a stable and multi-functional solar system is our goal.

CNBOU, your trusted partner

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Continous Power3000W5000W
Peak Power6000W10000W
AC Output220V/230V/240V
AC Input Range120V-280V OR 170V-280V
Output Frequency50HZ/60HZ (adjustable)
DC Voltage24V48V
DC Input Range21V-30V40V-62V
PV Power≤5000W
PV Input Voltage120-450V
MPPT Efficiency97%
AC Charge Current60A
MPPT Charge Current90A
MAX Charge Current90A
Wave FormPure Sine Wave
AC RegulationTHD<3%
Transfer Time<10MS
Non-load Current1.2A
ProtectionLow/Over Voltage
Over load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Anti-reverse protect
Product Size (mm)345*476*133
Packing Size (mm)410*550*210
N.W/G.W (KG)12/1313/14
Output Voltage 230V AC
Output Voltage Range184-265V (AC)
Output Current13A23.9A
Eifficiency≤ 93.5%
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