BP Series With Bypass Inverter

1. Support DC & AC Voltage & HZ OEM

2. Transfer Time is ≤9MS

3. Equipped with 5 types of protaction

4. Optional: swith "inverter priority" or "grid priority" as you need

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BP series with bypass inverter


CNBOU is a technology firm that not only satisfies our clients’ demands but also provides heavily customization service. Apart from meeting the needs of our customers, we do quantitative data analysis and according to that, we invented BP series with charger inverter. With time going by, we found some projects only need its bypass function instead of charge function, so we introduced BP series with bypass inverter, later to meet more client\\\'s demands. 

The biggest difference between with bypass inverter and with charge inverter is that the charge function has been canceled but its bypass mode has been improved based on its prototype. After marketing research, we added priority mode function, which includes mains supply priority mode and inverter supply priority mode. For example, in the mode of mains supply priority, mains electricity is the first choice to deliver power to load when mains supply is normal, but it changes to inverter supply if mains supply is interrupted. Under normal conditions, it\\\'s switching time is 9MS(load and battery level both affect switching time duration). Our with bypass inverter will switch to mains electricity automatically if mains supply becomes normal. This kind of function is extremely suitable for mobile base stations which use large-scale battery packs. Equipment, lights and ventilation devices all use mains electricity when mains supply is normal, but only equipment can be delivered the power from battery packs when mains supply cuts, lights and ventilation devices cannot get the power from battery packs. Fortunately, with bypass inverter with bypass function is a good solution to this.

BP series with bypass inverter function also could be set as inverter supply priority mode. This mode is very suitable for solar energy system. Normally, solar energy is prior to supply load, but when it has been run out of, for example, at night or after continuous rainy days, the whole power supply system shuts down. This situation happens frequently, customers have to change the supply mode in person to recover the power again. But our company’s BP series with bypass inverter could solve the problem easily and automatically with inverter supply priority mode function. Mains electricity will be the standby power supply in the whole off-grid solar energy system. If battery or solar energy cannot afford enough power, the inverter will switch to mains supply to power load continuously. Usually the switching time is 9 MS(switching time duration is relative with load volume).

BP series with bypass inverter, supported models: BP600-1/2S, BP1000-1/2S, BP2000-1/2S, BP3000-1/2S, BP3000-1/2S, BP5000-1/2S, BP6000-1/2S.

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   Rated Power600100020003000400050006000
   Peak Power120020004000600080001000012000
   Output Efficiency≥88%
   AC RegulationTHD<3% (Linear Load)
   DC Voltage10-15.5V/ 20-31V/ 40-61V
   DC Voltage Range10.5±0.5V/ 21±0.5V/ 42±1V
   Low Voltage Alarm10±0.5V/ 20±0.5V/ 40±1V
   Low Voltage Shut Down15.5±0.5V/ 31±0.5V/ 61±1V
   Over Voltage Shut Down13±0.5V/ 24±0.5V/ 48±1V
   Low Voltage Recovery14.8±0.5V/ 29.5±0.5V/ 59±1V
   Over Voltage Recovery≤15A/ ≤8A/ ≤5A
   Transfer Time≤9MS
   AC Voltage120V (±5%) / 230V (±5%)
   USB Outlet5V 500MA
   Working Temp(-10℃-50℃)
   Storage Temp(-30℃-70℃)
   ProtectionOver Temperature
Low/ Over Voltage
Over Load
Short Circuit
Input Oppose (optional)
   PriorityOptional (Default Grid Priority)
   Production Size (mm)260*145*67.5400*145*68458*169*87458*199*146458*199*146518*199*146662*199*146
   Package Size (mm)380*205*125460*200*125588*245*175565*290*230565*290*230628*290*230765*290*230
   N.W/G.W (KG)2/2.43.4/44.45/6.56.5/8.158.5/10.510.5/12.812.5/15
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