BP Series With Charge Inverter

1. Support DC & AC Voltage & HZ OEM

2. Transfer Time is ≤9MS

3. Charge current is 15A/ 8A/ 5A

4. Equipped with 5 types of protaction

5. Optional: swith "inverter priority" or "grid priority" as you need

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BP series with charge inverter

BP series is the best-selling series products of CNBOU. In the sales process, we also provide in-depth customized services to customers. According to customer needs, we analyzed and found that many customers requested to add charging function to BP series with charge inverter products. We have upgraded the BP series and added charging module to the product, which not only has the function of DC-AC, but also has the function of charging the battery. At present, the BP series with charge inverter only supports charging AGM/GEL batteries. If you need to charge the LifePO4 battery, communicate with us in advance, and we will modify the charging parameters before leaving the factory.

The charging modules of the BP series with charge inverter are divided into 12V/24V/48V, and their corresponding charging currents are 12V/15Amp, 24V/7Amp, 48V/5Amp. After a lot of investigation and battery analysis, the basic charge factor of AGM/GEL batteries currently on the market is 0.1C, In this case, the best charging time is 10 hours for a full battery cycle. For example: 100Ah AGM battery, if your charge factor is 0.1C, it will take 10 hours to fully charge, similarly, you can also discharge normally for 10 hours. Only correct operation can make the battery reach the best state and life, many customers have the wrong understanding that they need a larger charging current to fill the battery quickly, but it will cause great damage to the battery. We have tested that on AMG or GEL batteries, using 0.5C for charging and discharging will usually damage the battery in 3 months,For more information of AGM/GEL battery,please refer to Wikipedia.  

BP series with charge inverter also has the function of mains power priority,In the case of  mains power, use mains power directly to supply power to the load and charge the battery. When the mains power is normal, use the mains power as much as possible to reduce the damage of the battery. When the mains power is unstable, it will automatically switch to the battery. Usually we need it at 9MS(Depending on the load and battery power, there will be certain changes). If you only need the switching function in your project, without the inverter for charging, please search BP series with bypass inverter. We all know that battery life is related to the times of charge and discharge cycles, some good batteries can provide up to 2000 battery cycles, Only by using the battery in a smarter state can you save costs. In the inverter system, the battery takes up a very large share of the cost. We increase the service life of the battery through the reasonable use of the battery, and make the cost of the entire inverter system reach the best state.

BP series with charge inverter, supported models: BP600-1/2C, BP1000-1/2C, BP2000-1/2C, BP3000-1/2C, BP4000-1/2C. BP5000-1/2C, BP6000-1/2C.

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Rated Power300W600W1000W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W
Peak Power600W1200W2000W4000W6000W8000W10000W12000W
Output Efficiency≥88%
AC RegulationTHD<3% (Linear Load)
DC Voltage12V/24V/48V
DC Voltage Range10-15.5V/ 20-31V/ 40-61V
Low Voltage Alarm10.5±0.5V/ 21±0.5V/ 42±1V
Low Voltage Shut Down10±0.5V/ 20±0.5V/ 40±1V
Over Voltage Shut Down15.5±0.5V/ 31±0.5V/ 61±1V
Low Voltage Recovery13±0.5V/ 24±0.5V/ 48±1V
Over Voltage Recovery14.8±0.5V/ 29.5±0.5V/ 59±1V
Charging Current≤15A/ ≤8A/ ≤5A
Transfer Time≤9MS
AC Voltage120V (±5%) / 230V (±5%)
USB Outlet5V 500MA
Working Temp(-10℃-50℃)
Storage Temp(-30℃-70℃)
ProtectionOver Temperature
Low/ Over Voltage
Over Load
Short Circuit
Input Oppose (optional)
PriorityGrid Priority
Production Size (mm)260*145*66332*145*67.5400*145*68458*169*87458*199*146458*199*146518*199*146662*199*146
Package Size (mm)355*198*115380*205*125460*200*125588*245*175565*290*230565*290*230628*290*230765*290*230
N.W/G.W (KG)1.9/2.52.5/3.23.5/4.34.75/6.69.5/1210.7/1311.5/1515/17
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