BPlus-5000W power Inverter

1. Protections: Low/Over Voltage, Overload, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Input/output Impedance 

2. Battery Connection Without Sparking 

3. USB Port Upgrade to 5V 2.1A 

4. Support Standard MODBUS Communication 

5. Battery Type AGM,GEL,Lithium

6. 300% peak power 

7. THD<2% 

8. Over temp up tp 90℃

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BPlus series BPlus-5000W Power Inverter

Strength product BPlus-5000W Power Inverter

BPlus-5000W power inverter has 15000W(15KW) peak power,BPlus series high frequency pure sine wave inverter break the fixed parameter of the high frequency inverter on the market that only had twice the peak value. When the load reaches 110%, the inverter can work for 8 minutes, and will constantly alarm to remind customers that the current working power has exceeded the rated power, and turn off the output in 8 minutes. When the load reaches 150%, the inverter can work for 4 seconds, and will constantly alarm to remind customers that the current working power has exceeded the rated power, and turn off the output in 4 seconds. When the load reached 200%, the inverter can work constantly for 2 seconds, alarm and turn off the output directly. When the load reaches 300%, it will turn off the output in 0.1 second. BPlus series BPlus-5000W power inverter provide well over temperature protection to satisfy the customers use in different environments. 

Fan working of BPlus series BPlus-5000W power inverter is also very smart, the traditional inverter will start the fan only when the temperature is higher than a certain value, and then the temperature will drop, the fan will automatically stop. But in addition to the temperature as the first judgment in the design of BPlus-5000W power inverter, it also has requirements for the load. When the load is greater than 75%, regardless of whether the temperature is reached or not, the fan will be turned on in advance to achieve a better effect of heat dissipation. Such design is very suitable for working at high temperatures. In addition to the change in the working mode of the fan, we have optimized the components of the inverter to increase its over-temperature protection from the original 75℃(167℉) to 90℃(194℉).

Screen for Remote-485M of BPlus-5000W power inverter can change the output frequency, temperature display unit (Fahrenheit and Celsius), battery type, and battery low voltage protection value. Customers can adjust relevant parameters by themselves. We use standard MODBUS to transmit the data collected by the CPU, including DC voltage, output power, output frequency, output voltage and temperature. Long press the "ESC" key on the screen to display the remote switch. Of course, you can also check some version parameters of the inverter on the screen.

More information of BPlus, please checkBPlus-2000W,BPlus-3000W.

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Continuous Power5000W/6000VA
Peak Power15000W/18000VA
DC Voltage48V
Wave FormPure sine wave
AC Voltage120V (±5%) or 230v (±5%)
AC Output Frequency50HZ or 60HZ ±1HZ
AC RegulationTHD<2% (Linear load)
Battery Voltage12V/24V/48V
Battery Voltage Range10.5V-15.5V/20.5V-31V/41V-62V
USB Output5V/2.1A
25% Load Efficiency92.5
50% Load Efficiency91.5 
100% Load Efficiency89
DisplayRemote LCD display 30 Meters (Setup Parameters)
ProtectionLower/Over Voltage
Over Load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Input/Output Oppose
Low Voltage Alarm42V
Low Voltage Shutdown40V
Over Voltage Shutdown61V
Over Load Alarm110% 8Min/ 150% 4S/ 200% 2S/ 300% 0.1S
Over Temperature90℃
Cooling WayForced Air Cooling
Fan Working1. Temperature over 50℃ 2. Over 75% Rated Load
Output WayBipolar
Working Temp Range-25℃-55℃
Storage Temp Range-40℃-70℃
IP GradeIP20
StandardDirettiva 2014/35/UE, EN 60950-1, EN 60068-2-6
EMCDirettiva 2014/30/UE, EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
SupportSupport PC Software/Modbus
Rroduct Size (mm)500*230*130
Packing Size (mm)582*310*214
N.W/G.W (kg)9.5*10

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