BPlus-3000W Inverter

1. Protections: Low/Over Voltage, Overload, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Input/output Impedance 

2. Battery Connection Without Sparking 

3. USB Port Upgrade to 5V 2.1A 

4. Support Standard MODBUS Communication 

5. Battery Type AGM,GEL,Lithium

6. 300% peak power 

7. THD<2% 

8. Over temp up tp 90℃

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BPlus-3000W Inverter

Perfect performance BPlus-3000W inverter 

BPlus-3000W inverter uses TI TMS320F28023 Micro control DSP high speed chip control. BPlus series 2000W/3000W/5000W has a display Remote-485M on the front. It is not a simple display to show voltage of input and output, we have checked that most inverters on the market use voltmeters and ammeters to display various information of the inverter by simulated way, and current display of a lot of inverters is fake. BPlus series 3000W inverter use standard MODBUS communication, sample each parameter of the inverter and transmit it to the display. 


Seemingly simple display, the actual working principle is very complicate Just because we use standard MODBUS communication, we can transmit data to the display terminal you need, and also can execute commands, remotely change some parameters and switch on and off the inverter. BPlus 3000W inverter is very suitable to the customized system, such as power system of yacht, etc.

We did a very convenient design, the display Remote-485M on the front of the BPlus 3000W inverter can be disassembled freely by users. We provide a square iron plate, which can be sealed after users disassemble the display screen to prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine, at the same time, you can connect the RS485 line to the RS485 port of the output panel to realize remote display and control.

BPlus series 3000W inverter has perfect grounding system, it is located on the DC side of the inverter. BPlus-2000W/3000W/5000W are equipped with 300Amp DC terminal. It can perfectly withstand the input current of the system, because the configuration is much larger than the specified requirements, so the temperature will be lower, and it will be conducive to system operation. BPlus series 3000W inverter also use no-spark design, be more safe in connection. The output end design of BPlus series pure sine wave inverter 2000W/3000W/5000W is very distinctive, MODBUS interface,5V2.1Amp USB interface,can be provided to charge mobile phone, PAD and other devices,if you used in refitted car, the interface will provide power to the USB interface of your vehicle to meet the needs of vehicle‘s USB charging.

More function please click BP-2000W, BPlus-5000W

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Continuous Power3000W/4200VA
Peak Power9000W/12600VA
DC Voltage24V 48V
Wave FormPure sine wave
AC Voltage120V (±5%) or 230v (±5%)
AC Output Frequency50HZ or 60HZ ±1HZ
AC RegulationTHD<2% (Linear load)
Battery Voltage12V/24V/48V
Battery Voltage Range10.5V-15.5V/20.5V-31V/41V-62V
USB Output5V/2.1A
25% Load Efficiency9293.5
50% Load Efficiency91.593
100% Load Efficiency90.592
DisplayRemote LCD display 30 Meters (Setup Parameters)
ProtectionLower/Over Voltage
Over Load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Input/Output Oppose
Low Voltage Alarm21.5V42V
Low Voltage Shutdown20.5V40V
Over Voltage Shutdown31V61V
Over Load Alarm110% 8Min/ 150% 4S/ 200% 2S/ 300% 0.1S
Over Temperature90℃
Cooling WayForced Air Cooling
Fan Working1. Temperature over 50℃ 2. Over 75% Rated Load
Output WayBipolar
Working Temp Range-25℃-55℃
Storage Temp Range-40℃-70℃
IP GradeIP20
StandardDirettiva 2014/35/UE, EN 60950-1, EN 60068-2-6
EMCDirettiva 2014/30/UE, EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
SupportSupport PC Software/Modbus
Rroduct Size (mm)400*230*130
Packing Size (mm)482*309*214
N.W/G.W (kg)6.8/7.5

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