BPlus-300W 12V Inverter

1. Protections: Low/Over Voltage, Overload, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Input/output Impedance 

2. Battery Connection Without Sparking 

3. USB Port Upgrade to 5V 2.1A 

4. Support Standard MODBUS Communication 

5. Battery Type AGM,GEL,Lithium

6. 300% peak power 

7. THD<2% 

8. Over temp up tp 90℃

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BPlus Series 300W 12V inverter 

We always believe that the purpose of  a new product is to act as solutions for customers, to easier for customers to use, and is the mission of everyone at CNBOU. The BPlus series 300W 12V Inverter is particularly notable, because it is true innovation, not a simple iterative upgrade.

BPlus series 300W 12V Inverter,  utilizing a high-speed TI 28023 DSP chip, only ensures that operation becomes faster,  The 300W 12V Inverter can run better, so the long buffer time is at the NS level for the BPlus series, yet the response is very fast. BPlus’s full array includes protection for DC terminal reverse connections, We do not reduce the conversion efficiency(usually Mosfet impedance on the market),so as not to damage any device, If the user reverses it, if there is no power, for instance, total protection is assured. The most important thing is that we refer to the most popular DC terminal without a spark function from the HeliosⅡ series to BPlus series.This is not a simple feature, it is a secure encasing and  can allay users,  safety concerns when connected to the battery.

BPlus series 300W 12V Inverter panel are all unified and include a standard MODBUS interface(RS485),5V2.1A USB charger, work and fault indicators, switches and an output socket. One of the important changes at this time will be this output socket, for which we use a modular output socket, the output socket of each country can be replaced as needed, which will greatly improve the lead time of the samples.

The difference between BPlus series 300W 12V Inverter and other car inverters on the market lies in its internal structure. We will not use the simple position of the PCB board on the outer casing, but instead use screws to directly fix it to the outer casing.  In addition to being more securely fixed, it can effectively solve the grounding problem of PCB and housing.Without an effective grounding system, you will not be able to pass EMC and LVD testing.The seemingly small change is actually to solve the problem that the customer encountered, which is why the name is BPlus.The BPlus-300W 12V Inverter has an independent heat dissipation system, The internal heat sink and any heat-generation components do not touch the heat conduction of the case.The high temperature of the case is not felt during use.

BPlus series 300W 12V Inverter has a set of logic designed for the operation of the fan.Most inverters on the market use a temperature sensor to control the fan, when the temperature reaches a certain value(usually 50 degrees Celsius),the fan is turned on; when the temperature is lower than 45 degrees Celsius, the fan is turned off.However, such logic will cause the fan to start frequently, but will immediately shut down, resulting in a shorter lifespand of the fan, while CNBOU has a different logic to extend the life of the fan, increasing the over-temperature protection from 70 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius, thus solving the biggest problem of using the inverter in a high temperature environment.

The Remote-485M remote control LCD screen with the BPlus series  300W 12V Inverter can be connected only through a standard network cable.It runs easily at length of 30 meters.  BPlus-600W/BPlus-1000W

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Continuous Power300W/360VA
Peak Power900W/1080VA
DC Voltage12V
Wave FormPure sine wave
AC Voltage120V (±5%) or 230v (±5%)
AC Output Frequency50HZ or 60HZ ±1HZ
AC RegulationTHD<2% (Linear load)
Battery Voltage12V/24V/48V
Battery Voltage Range10.5V-15.5V/20.5V-31V/41V-62V
USB Output5V/2.1A
25% Load Efficiency89
50% Load Efficiency88.5
100% Load Efficiency88
DisplayRemote LCD display 30 Meters (Setup Parameters)
ProtectionLower/Over Voltage
Over Load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Input/Output Oppose
Low Voltage Alarm10.5V
Low Voltage Shutdown10V
Over Voltage Shutdown15.5V
Over Load Alarm110% 8Min/ 150% 4S/ 200% 2S/ 300% 0.1S
Over Temperature90℃
Cooling WayForced Air Cooling
Fan Working1. Temperature over 50℃ 2. Over 75% Rated Load
Output WayBipolar
Working Temp Range-25℃-55℃
Storage Temp Range-40℃-70℃
IP GradeIP20
StandardDirettiva 2014/35/UE, EN 60950-1, EN 60068-2-6
EMCDirettiva 2014/30/UE, EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
SupportSupport PC Software/Modbus
Rroduct Size (mm)247*180*80
Packing Size (mm)208*215*135
N.W/G.W (kg)0.6/2.3

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