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MENRED ESS CO., Ltd, formerly known as CNBOU, represents a significant stride in the renewable energy sector following its acquisition by Menred Group. This strategic move merges CNBOU’s established expertise in inverter technology with Menred Group’s robust resources and innovative drive. While CNBOU continues to maintain its original inverter business, MENRED ESS has expanded its focus to specialize in cutting-edge energy solutions.

The core of MENRED ESS’s operations centers around LiFePO4 Batteries, a technology that promises higher safety standards, longevity, and efficiency in energy storage. This forms the backbone of their residential photovoltaic (PV) energy storage systems, designed to enhance energy independence for homeowners by harnessing and storing solar energy effectively.

Moreover, MENRED ESS is making significant strides in the industrial and commercial sectors with its tailored PV energy storage systems. These systems are engineered to meet the unique energy demands of businesses, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution to energy management.

The acquisition and subsequent rebranding to MENRED ESS CO., Ltd mark a new era in renewable energy, combining the strengths of CNBOU’s inverter technology with Menred Group’s vision of sustainable and efficient energy solutions for a diverse range of applications.

CNBOU Technology is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in research & development, the trusted professional manufacturer of Off-Grid solar inverters, power inverters, Mppt solar charge controller. The technological updating of CNBOU are leading the way in the off grid industry. CNBOU have sold over 153,000pcs inverters during the past 8 years from CNBOU established until now (By Dec 2020). For now, CNBOU have established pre-sales and after-sales service center in the USA, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Niger, and Philippines. CNBOU is trying to become a world-class leader in the new energy movement.

CNBOU have its own professional R&D Dept, which includes software, hardware and structural engineers. In order to meet customer’s high requirements of the OEM service, all new products development and test are done with ” in house”. Besides, the factory was equipped with the standardized production management system. All inverters and controllers were required to pass 6 quality test processes at least, ensure that each products will satisfied with all customers. As we know ” Quality is the life of enterprise “. CNBOU has a very passionate sales team that strives to be “Efficient, Profession­ al and Responsible”. The goal is to provide the Best Customer Service in the industry s­ try. We believe that a sincere sales team will bring a great value to customer.

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Off-grid Solar System

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The economy drives changes, and today, these changes tend to a slow but sure migration to solar power, as well as other sources of clean and renewable energy. These kind of technologies are increasingly becoming more affordable, to the point where every day, more and more businesses and individuals are deciding to make the switch. At CNBOU, we are fully focused into helping that migration take place, by doing what we know how to do best, commercializing high quality and dependable solar power products and accessories, offering our valued customers with ever more affordable alternatives to go solar.

We also know that when it comes to energy products, quality matters, that’s why we go the extra mile to carefully source superior components, that we have tested ourselves to make sure they comply with international standards of quality and safety. Stellar customer service is the only way we understand doing business. In order to achieve this, we offer professional and experienced assistance before, during, and after your purchase.

Choose CNBOU and go green today, we ship nationwide!