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  • High temperature-proof for BPlus inverter\'s transformer  

    We know for inside running of inverter, the spare parts are important, especially the transformer. When the inverter is running close to full power, the transformer's temperature will be very high. Usually higher than 100°C. But many inverters don't have temperature sensor to check the transformer. If the transformer's temp. over to 110°C, its inside will short circuit. Because the paint of enameled wire will be melted, the inverter will be broken. Many inverters  don't have enough cooling air ducts for transformer.

    BPlus series inverter's design is based on good heat dissipation. From 2000W to 5000W, the heat sink size is the same as the PCB size. All mosfet and IPM mode share the big heat sink. For transformer, we have re-designed, the high temperature-proof improved from 100°C up to 180°C, we think stable running is the first requirement. This is from BPlus design.

    2021-01-27 00:00
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