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  • BP series with bypass inverter grid/battery priority change

    BP series with bypass inverter has two priority modes:
    1.Grid priority;
    2.Battery priority.

    Priority mode is very crucial. A false alternative will lead the system to work in reverse. However, a lot of customers will make wrong judgement of its using surroundings, so it would be better to alter priority mode at first after receiving it. To make it more convenient for our customers to operate that, we also design a easiest way.

    Following operation is recommended for professionals to operate, and only for BP series with bypass inverter. Our company is not responsible for any damage that caused by followed instructions.
    1.Find S1 on PCB board;
    2.Connect NB and the middle point the device is inverter priority mode;
    3.Connect SD and the middle point the device is grid priority mode.

    2021-01-13 00:00
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