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  • BPlus Series Power Inverter, your first choice!

    BPlus Series Power Inverter, your first choice!

    The BPlus series pure sine wave inverters demonstrate our vision for the future of the inverters; today we take this idea a step further and bring three new products full of advanced technology. BPlus-300W, BPlus-600W, BPlus-1000W. 

    These three products interpret our pursuit of the flawlessness

    . BPlus series pure sine wave inverter break through the peak parameters of high-frequency inverter, upgrading from  2 times peak value to 3 times peak value. They can work continuously for 2 seconds at 200% load. the passionate spark of the DC-end connection will be completely extinguished, and the sparkless(spark-free) 

    DC-end connection is more secure; what is more surprising is that the anti-reverse connection function

    on the DC-side is realized without  loss of conversion efficiency.The efficiency can reach 91.5% at 12V. And the deviation accuracy

    of the output voltage has also changed from ±10% to ±5%. 

    ⑤ The full series of BPlus series pure sine wave inverter have the optional display screen, which can connect the cable up to 30 meters for remote control. This is not a simple display screen, while displaying the DC/AC voltage, it shows the battery capacity, power, frequency and temperature; at the same time, it can also set up commonly-used parameters, battery types (optional lithium battery, AGM, user-customize), low voltage protection value, temperature unit and adjustable 50HZ/60HZ frequency . 

    The most exciting thing is that the remote screen can restart the inverter remotely, and then these parameters are transmitted through the MODBUS protocol, which, conceivably, can also be transmitted to your terminal through an ordinary network cable. There is no doubt that it is powerful, because it uses TI-TMS320F28035 32-bit MCU DSP chip. 

    BPlus series pure sine wave invertert is more suitable for working in high temperature areas, and the over-temperature protection value increases from 75 degrees to 90 degrees. The intelligent control fan no longer starts with the rise of the temperature. When the temperature reaches 50 degrees or the load is greater than 75%, the fan will automatically start to cool down ahead of time. With good heat dissipation design, the span of the fan life will be prolonged. 

     The fan speed is reduced from 4500 to 2500 rpm, and the operation of the inverter will be quieter. 

    The BPlus series pure sine wave inverter has been upgraded on many standards, and the USB output has been upgraded from 5V500MA to 5V2.1A , and THD from 3% to 2%. After bipolar output, the output power in quality will be more greatly improved and can be adapted to any load. Because from the beginning of the design, we followed the standards as Direttiva 2014 /30/UE, EN55022,EN55024,EN6100-3-2,EN61000-3-3, which will make you feel more at ease to use!

    The most important thing is that we will provide the warranty for 2 years, and we will maintain all problems in quality free of charge within 2 years, so that you can use it with guaranteed

    ⑦ This is our ultimate pursuit of the future, BPlus series pure sine wave inverter, is an inverter that made for you. You deserve it!

    2020-03-10 00:00
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