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  • The story behind an inverter pure sine wave

    Now, there are a lot of inverter pure sine wave in the market to choose from, even ones at unbelievably low prices, some being sold at less than cost. But if you can’t believe the price, you also can’t believe in their quality or after-sales services.  The choice is clear: excellent quality, a relatively inexpensive price, and the best service. This is what CNBOU has been working hard to create, inverter pure sine wave like these to solve real inverter sine wave problems for customers. Providing reliable power to our customers is our only aim. 

    To design a good inverter pure sine wave three basic aspects need to be addressed: 1. Speaking with extensive experience as a software designer, I think at least 10 years of underlying software development capabilities are necessary; 2. Trusted hardware engineers should be not only familiar with circuit design but also need to have a variety of certification requirements of practical experience; 3. A structural engineer who understands thermal design and appearance inverter pure sine wave, especially heat dissipation, as it is very important for the inverter pure sine wave. But is that enough? This is only the beginning. The inverter pure sine wave can’t speak for itself, and it won’t do any good to speculate on what problems its users need to solve specifically and, more importantly, will not be satisfied with just the basics! That’s why a good product manager will add a unique “soul” to the inverter sine wave. This way, it can fit its users’ needs like a glove, and, for customers, solving the problem at hand will come easily! This is your preferred inverter pure sine wave brand. 

    Each core component selection requires a wealth of experience, not only parameters to meet the requirements. Brand suppliers as well as CNBOU perform actual onsite testing. Core components must be tested at CNBOU for at least 180 days before they can be put to use to ensure that every inverter produced by CNBOU is reliable and safe! Core component channels are not available for purchase on the market, and our established cooperation with official channels is the primary work of the CNBOU procurement department. Only in this way can we ensure the quality of components. In addition to technology, the quality assurance of accessories that make up the inverter pure sine wave is the most critical. 

    The foundation is ready. We need to complete the production steps, SMT patches, plug-ins, wave welding, small current testing, assembly, commissioning, load aging, pre-packaging retesting, and finally packaging delivery! In addition to self-testing, there is a random inspection of quality, strict control of each production process, 100% complete load aging, and topped off with pre-packaging testing to ensure that each inverter can meet every requirement of the customers it reaches. This is the attitude behind the CNBOU production inverter pure sine wave. Not every inverter sine wave is worthy of the CNBOU title, but the other copies sure try! 

    2019-11-26 00:00
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