A good inverter, its output waveform must be good, which will be very helpful to the life of the load. It is suprised that we can see many inverters on the market are marked with THD<5%, and they are even high frequency inverter. They use inferior components and cost saving designs, in result, although we see as the same 1000W inverters, but they have a big difference to those professional customers.

CNBOU BP series pure sine wave inverter, have all THD<3%, however, it is not good enough for some sensitive loads, such as electric blankets. Our customer told us although the electric blanket is 75W power, when running on the BP series 300W, it cannot start at all. But when running on BP series 600W, It is ok but very hard. When we checked the waveform, we found that the interference was very large, and it needs higher power of BP series inverter to run normally, we had explained this problem in our Support center.

Sme load of the electric blanket can run well on BPlus series 300W inverter, it is because that the high standard design can adapt to various sensitive loads and run perfectly in complex environmemt. BPlus series has 3 times peak power like low frequency inverter, which is pioneer in the whole industry. Like BPlus 300W has 900W peak power, which is more suitable for demanding load. And THD<2% is currently the highest level in the entire market. We are confident that such a product can meet the high requirements of most customer.

For a good inverter, we should consider various functions and performance before designing. CNBOU has ten years of experience in inverter production, we sold more than 100,000 pcs of inverters, which are used in various complex environment to supply power to various high demand loads. We know an inverter should have what function, needs what protections. When you open teh inverter, you can see the whole PCB is unique. We didn’t upgrade the product on the original BP series, but completely redesigned a brand new product. BPlus series was designed to prevent the inverter’s frequently encountered problems at work, solving these problems from design is far more advanced than preventing problems in later upgrates.

We are very confident that BPlus series is currently at a very high level of design in industry. although it will be more expensive than BP series, it is not very important for demanding customers. Only designing a good product from the perspective of solving customers’ problems can be favored by customers.

We continue to maintain the most demanding design and most stringent production quality control to solve problems for customers instead of reducing cost to do price competition. Thanks to Northern Solar Power (TH Vietnam) for shooting the video of BPlus-1000W disassembly, we will try our best to serve every customer.

Youtube video link: https://youtu.be/bEaC1ZCxC9c

Last modified: December 20, 2021



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