What is the best pure sine wave inverter? Especially the 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter, it is the most popular model for this power on the market. A small or medium off- grid solar system is very suitable for RVs and trucks. In CNBOU’s annual sales, 2000W belongs to top2,top1 is the 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter

What is the best pure sine wave inverter? We have received inquiries from customers, how big an inverter is needed for a 2000w induction cooker? We answered that 2000W is enough to use, but customers say that other brands need 4000W. Why does CNBOU only need 2000W? A good 2000W inverter can run a 2000W load for a long time. Of course, full load operation is only suitable for resistive loads, because the starting power of inductive loads is usually 4-7 times, so possibly the power of 2000W inductive loads can reach 8000W-14000W, and the surge power of 2000W high frequency pure sine wave inverter is 4000W! We can also see that there are some inverters on the market that are not full power. They use over-temperature protection to limit full load operation. In the eyes of a senior electronic engineer, what kind of 2000W pure sine wave inverter is perfect? 

1. No-load current 0.3A, only 8W.

2. Full load can run for a long time, the surface temperature is only 36 degrees.

3. DC input power reaches 2200W at full load.

Last modified: August 31, 2022



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