Off-grid is now an option for more and more people, especially in areas with high electricity bills and remote areas. A complete off-grid solar system can bring a lot of convenience to your off-grid life. When many people yearn for off-grid life, the first question to consider is how big an off-grid solar system do I need.

How big of a solar system do I need to go off-grid?
Determining the size of the required system is an early and absolutely critical step when installing an off-grid solar system. It affects the type of equipment you need, the amount of work involved in the installation, and of course the total cost of the project. The size of the solar installation depends on the amount of electricity the system needs to provide.

There are two different ways to figure out the number you need:
1. Your current usage.
2. Load evaluation.
If the total power of your daily load is not very large, or you just use the off-grid solar system as an auxiliary power source, then the 1000W small off-grid solar system will be very suitable.

The 5 main parts of an off-grid system:
Battery Inverter/Charger or Multimode Hybrid Inverter
Solar Inverter (AC) or MPPT Solar Charge Controller (DC)
Solar panels
Generator (optional)

Choosing a good inverter is a critical part, and a good inverter can provide twice or more continuous rating in a short period of time to handle peak power peaks from loads, etc. Such peak rating is critical for off-grid systems to operate under all various load conditions without being expected to trip or shut down unexpectedly. The output power rating also degrades at higher ambient temperatures.

CNBOU’s BP1000W inverter is a high-quality DC to AC converter with 1000W continuous power and 2000W peak power supply, providing reliable conversion from battery to AC, ideal for small off-grid systems. The no-load current is about 0.8 amps, about 9 watts in a 12VDC system. BP series 1000W inverter supports DC low/over voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit indication, it can be used at full load for a long time, and provides power protection.

Last modified: March 23, 2022



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