The BPlus series power inverter has been unanimously recognized by customers since it was put on the market for 18 months. In the test of more than 2000 units, we have only received 2 faulty machines so far, and the failure rate of finished products has dropped to 0.1%. This is a very big breakthrough for the inverter market. This good performance is because some failures were prevented from the initial design. The 100% anti-reverse technology, perfect protection measures and robust anti-vibration tests all show that this is not an ordinary upgrade. But we still found a lot of BUG, this software V2.0 upgrade will bring more improvements:


1. Modified O-C protection and changed over current to 300%.

2. Short circuit protection and over current protection are clearer

3. No-load startup occasionally triggers short circuit protection

4. The overload protection point is increased to 105%

5. The error between the screen display and the actual data is less than 3%


1. Rated power adjustment, support adjustment of overload max to 120%

2. Add over-voltage alarm function

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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