BPlus series pure sine wave inverter supports remote LCD display extending to 30 meters. Through MODBUS communication, it can meet all data transmission demands. BPlus series pure sine wave inverter adopts TI DSP processor, which can satisfy all your requirements.

Display content: DC voltage, battery capacity, output power (in real time), AC output frequency, output voltage and inverter temperature. If a failure happens, fault codes will be displayed in temperature area. Please read fault code in manual.

Press SET button enter setting interface, there are four options: battery type, under-voltage protection value, output frequency and temperature unit. 

Battery type: AGM battery, lithium battery and custom.

Under-voltage value: 9.5~13V (If DC is 24V, multiplies 2; if DC is 48V, multiplies 4. )

Output frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz. If frequency was changed, system will prompt you to restart to take effect.

Temperature unit: ℃ or ℉.

Press ▼ can show details about the inverter. It includes power, frequency, DC voltage grade, output voltage grade, hardware version and software version. According to prompt, pressing ESC button about 5s, the inverter will enter sleep mode. In this mode, inverter’s power dissipation is only 8W. Press ESC again, the inverter will enter working status. It supports on off with remote control. 

We hold the believe that a good pure sine wave inverter should be easy-operated, besides, it also can meet customers’ demands and run stably. 

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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