The 2000W photovoltaic system provides customers with a continuous power supply, especially in the summer season when electricity demand is the highest. With summer coming, this system can also power refrigerators, water pumps, and regular appliances like lights, chargers, drills, etc.

BP2000W inverter is used in the photovoltaic system actually built by ESolar. BP2000W can provide stable power of 2000W and peak power of 4000W, which can meet the electricity demand of daily household appliances. This is a good backup power source in the event of a power outage or peak power usage.(

What can a 2000 watt solar system power?
Just for kicks, here’s the number of appliances a 2kW solar system can power at any given time:
·222 9-watt LED lights
·40 ceiling fans
·10 electric blankets
·40 laptops
·8 drills
·4 refrigerator/freezers
·20 sewing machines
·2 coffee makers
·2 blow dryers
·2 room air conditioners
·500 cell phone chargers
·4 plasma TVs
·1 microwave
·4 vacuum cleaners
·4 water heaters

The conversion power of BP2000W is 94%, and the energy consumed by the conversion can provide at least 1880W of power. As long as your total load power is lower than this figure, you can use the device with confidence.

Is 2kW enough to power a house?
For the vast majority of households that are not short on electricity, a 2000W solar power supply system is sufficient. A 2 kW solar system with battery pack and inverter can run multiple appliances from low power appliances such as lights, TVs, laptops, low power tools, microwaves, washing machines, coffee makers, air conditioners.

Reliably providing:
The power which does not exceed the continuous and surge power of the inverter.
The energy that the total daily energy consumption of connected devices does not exceed the energy produced and stored by the battery.

Last modified: April 27, 2022



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