We saw a video from a customer, we don’t know where this 600W inverter is used, but the outside of the inverter fan is very dirty and has rust, CNBOU’s inverter fans are designed to be extracted type, meaning that the air with low temperature in the environment is extracted to the inverter to cool the components that generate heat, especially Mosfet, transformer. Usually these two components generate the most heat. Although the Mosfet is mounted on a heat sink, the inverter will be damaged if there is not enough airflow to cool it. The transformer is also likewise one of the components that will generate the most heat. If it works at full load, the temperature of the transformer in the inverter can reach about 100 degrees, so a good cooling system is very important for the inverter. If the fan fails, please stop using teh inverter immediately and contact our local server, which you can check here.

This customer has a very strong hands-on ability, we can see in the video that this fan has accumulated a lot of dust and must be cleaned to make the inverter work better. His operation , from disassembling the inverter, cleaning the inverter, to the final reinstallation, looks very professional. We also saw the label of this 600W inverter, it was produced on 18th, January, 2018, it has been 3 years and 8 months so far, running for 1,335 days. We always believe that good quality can bring more value to our customers.

It is worth noting that from October 2021, the inverter produced by CNBOU will be labeled with anti-tamper mark, if you take apart the inverter during the warranty period, you will lose the warranty. These are professional jobs that we hope will be done by professional people. Thank Clloyder again for making the video, hope you can bring more high quality videos about CNBOU inverters.

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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