Our customer recently built an RV off-grid solar system using CNBOU BPlus Series inverter, let’s see their work and see how our CNBOU BPlus Series 3000w inverter works.

Off-grid solar systems for RVs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Because use of solar energy is very environmentally friendly, and can be completely energy independent, off-grid solar systems are ideal for RVs and camping.

The Off-grid Solar System consists of the following parts, including solar panels, mppt charger, a lithium battery, and a 12V 3000w pure sine wave inverter. When the off-grid solar system works, the solar panels produce DC power, through the Mppt charger to charge battery, which is normally a lifepod4 lithium battery as shown in the photo below. The 3000w pure sine wave inverter converts the DC power from the battery into AC power to meet the AC power of the entire vehicle.

1. What does an inverter do in an RV?

An inverter takes 12-volt DC power from your RV batteries and electronically changes it to 120/220volt AC. Some RVers use an inverter just to watch TV or for their personal computer. Other RVs use an inverter to operate AC, microwaves, coffee pots, or other larger appliances. Below is the interior layout of our customer’s RV. You can see our CNBOU 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter, which provides power to all systems, including air conditioning and lighting, microwave, refrigerator, and other household appliances. The entire off-grid solar system is integrated into a small cabinet, and the interior space of the car looks spotless and tidy.

2. What size inverter will run an RV?

We can provide inverters from 300 watts to 5000 watts (see BPlus Series Webpage), how much power you need for your RV depends on the power requirements of the RV itself. Generally speaking, RVs need 2 kW inverter to 5 kW inverter to meet the power of air conditioners, microwaves, and other large appliances. Our customer chose the 3 kW pure sine wave inverter of the BPlus series,  BPlus series dc to ac pure sine wave inverter, has 3 times peak power. It is the same as the low frequency inverter with lofty load carrying capacity, with a maximum efficiency of 94% for 48Vdc systems. Over-temperature protection is upgraded to 90 degrees, and the unique structure is more suitable for use in the vehicle.

3 . CNBOU BPlus Series Inverter remote Control Panel Explanation.

CNBOU BPlus Series Inverter remote Control Panel is designed for all products of the BPlus series pure sine wave inverter. It adopts Modbus standard communication protocol and displays battery voltage and capacity, output voltage, power and frequency, inverter temperature, and fault code. In this LCD display, various parameters of the inverter are displayed when it is working. When the inverter has a fault, it will show the fault code in the position of Temperature. The monitor provides setup battery type, low voltage value, frequency 50hz or 60hz, and temperature units Fahrenheit and Celsius function in the display.

RX-485 Smart Remote LCD Display For BPlus Series  pure sine wave inverter on customer’s RV.

General layout of the customer’s RV
Last modified: August 23, 2022



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