There are so many ways to live in today’s society, if you live in a remote area or want to be power independent, building an off-grid solar system is a good way to live a sustainable life and save a lot of cost every month. So what does it take to fully realize off-grid living?

What is off-grid solar?
An off-grid solar system is a new energy model that is independent of the grid and uses solar panels and battery storage to generate enough energy for independent home use. Typically, a complete solar system consists of the following:
Solar panels
charge controller
connecting line

How to size an off-grid solar system?
Understand your current usage
Calculate total electricity demand based on household load
Determine the battery capacity
Choosing the Right Off-Grid Solar System Components

What size inverter do i need for off-grid solar system?
Once you have determined the sum of your household loads, you can estimate the size of the inverter you will need. For families with average electricity demand, a 2000W inverter can meet the daily electricity demand. The BP2000W inverter is a high-quality DC to AC conversion through a pure sine wave. Continuous power 2000W and 4000W peak power for reliable conversion from battery or DC power to AC power. This 2000W inverter can be used with 20-60 amp MPPT solar charge controller for off-grid solar system and is very popular in Asia. AC output power can be used to run computers, fans, televisions, stereos, satellite receivers, refrigerators, air compressors and power tools.

Can I install my own off-grid solar?
If you already know your home’s electricity situation and determine the equipment you need, you can install a solar off-grid system yourself. If you need a more perfect off-grid system, you can contact a professional team for installation

Last modified: February 15, 2022



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