The first batch of Hestia series off-grid solar system has been produced and deliverd to users. Our customers are looking forward to Hestia. The Hestia performed very well in the 3 months of internal testing, especially the build-in Grand A LiFePO4 battery. After 4000 cycles of repeated testing, DOD>80%, which greatly improves the stability of the system. We have also done a lot of tests on the protection function of the BMS. The build-in 100Ah battery has a Maximum support current of 100Amp for the BMS, and its protection is very sensitive. We can see in the data that when the output current is less than 100Amp, the putput can be stable. Once its current is greater than 100Amp, it wil be protected immediately, which will improve the safety and service life of the system.

Of course, if your solar system is powerful ehough, when the MPPT can provide 40Amp of the current, the current provided to the inverter at the same time can be reach 140A, which will be very helpful for running larger loads, the system will automatically determine all of these.

Hestia series off-grid solar system adds an overload protector to the output terminal. During the customer’s use, the output voltage and current will be displayed to judge whether the load is within the regulations. The bulid-in BP series inverter also has overload protection, which makes the whole system run more stably through double protection. At the same time, we provide 4 12V interfaces that can directly suppply 12V DC loads. We have solved all the difficult or professional problems encountered by customes in building the system, making the installation of off-grid solar system easier.

Hestia series is a favorite product for off-grid solar system enthusiasts. Super DIY off-grid solar system, it can be combined arbitrarily, if you think the battery is not enough, you can add BL-1280 to expand the battery capacity, the Maximum can support 5.12kWh.

If you want to get energy from more solar panels for fast charging, then tell us, and we will be able to change the battery voltage of the inverter. Because the build-in MPPT supports 12Vdc/24Vdc/48Vdc self-adaption. When we adjust the system voltage to 24Vdc, 40A MPPT solar charge controller will be able to support 1200W of the power, but the BL-1280 must be connected in series externally, make the battery system voltage be converted to 24Vdc. The system voltage supports up to 48Vdc, supports 2400W solar panel input, 2000W pure sine wave inverter and 5.12kWh LiFePO4 battery. This will be a perfect system to meet all your requirements for off-grid system.Hestia series off-grid solar system, the first choice for DIY off-grid solar system.

Last modified: December 24, 2021



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