CNBOU BR series inverters are suitable for large-scale vehicle power supply systems, such as refrigerated vehicles, ambulances, rescue vehicles, and emergency communication vehicles. There is a large AC load in this type of vehicle, but a moving vehicle cannot have too many batteries, because the batteries are very heavy, too many batteries are not safe enough, and charging the batteries is also very troublesome. So, Engine Driven Power Inverter System will be the best solution in professional vehicles, very popular in Europe, America and China. The system runs stably and safely. BR series DC to AC rack mount power inverter can be equipped with charging module, bypass module, the input voltage range is 20Vdc-38Vdc@24Vdc system, the output voltage of DC motor is generally 56Vdc, but when the load is suddenly lost, the voltage will rise to 36.5Vdc in a short time (usually 100-300ms). If it is just an ordinary inverter, there will be overvoltage protection in this case (shandard is 20Vdc-31Vdc). We effectively solve these details.

How does an engine driven generator work?

Installing a DC generator in the engine compartment of the vehicle and connected to the car engine, when the vehicle is turned on, it will drive the DC generator and suppltiy the power to the inverter. The inverter completes the conversion from DC to AC and supplies it to the load in the vehicle. This usually uses larger systems, with DC motors outputting more than 2000W. It can be used with or without batteries. This is the most efficient vehicle inverter solutionavailable with low cost and high reliability.

What terminals does the Engine Driven Power Inverter System provide?

Terminals supported by BR series rack mount pure sine wave DC/AC power inverter.

1. DC input: 300A Hot pluhhing and dialing, two sets of DC inputs can be provided, connecting the DC generator and the battery respectively.

2. AC Output: Two 10A standard sockets, can support various standards, American Standard, European Standard and Australian Standard. A 50Amp aviation socket can support up to 10Kw.3. AC Input: A 50Amp aviation socket can support up to 10Kw.

Last modified: June 24, 2022



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