When people talk about RVs, there is usually an inverter in the equipment list for designing a RV. So, what is an inverter? Why do RVs need inverters?

About inverter
The main function of an inverter is to convert 12V DC to AC, allowing you to power your RV’s appliances (such as microwaves, TVs, or charging your laptop). The inverter has two types: modified wave and pure sine wave. Compared with the modified wave, the pure sine wave has a purer power supply and is less likely to be interfered by electronic equipment. The pure sine wave inverter provides the exact same power as the 220V AC power that comes out of the outlet in your home and is the type of power that all 220V appliances and electronics are designed to use.

Do you actually need an inverter?
Many electrical devices require 220V AC power. If your RV is powered by a battery pack, the battery provides 12V DC power. At this time, an inverter is required to convert the 12V DC power in the battery pack into AC power to use electrical appliances. Otherwise, you will have to use a generator to power these devices. If you need AC power frequently (for example, if you work on the road)/or if you don’t want to hear the hum of the generator for extended periods of time, an inverter is your only option.

Not everyone needs an RV inverter. Some people barely need 220V power when camping, while others always choose to camp fully hooked up and happily rely on shore power for their power needs.

What size inverter do I need for my RV?
Before answering this question, you first need to answer the following questions:

  1. What devices do you want to run?
  2. What is the capacity of your battery pack?
  3. What is your maximum power consumption?

To determine what size inverter you need, please know the power requirements of all appliances and devices you want it to power and the combined power of all the devices that will operate together. Once you have this number, add another 20% to cover any additional losses/ loads in the system.

If the power of the electrical equipment on your RV is less than 2000W and the peak power is less than 6000W, then installing a BPlus series 2000W inverter is enough for daily use. The rated power of the BPlus2000W inverter is 2000W, and the peak power will reach 6000W. Small in size and high in power, it perfectly solves the problems of small RV space and difficult power supply. In addition, the Bplus2000W inverter also has remote control, you do not need to open the distribution box to switch the inverter every time, it can directly install the external screen on the console of the RV, switch the inverter directly, and the inverter also performs some basic settings. The visual LCD screen makes it easier to know the working status of the inverter.

Last modified: January 13, 2022



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