We found the off-grid system installation video of a garden house taken by ESOLAR on Youtube. The inverter used is CNBOU’s BP1000W. we are very happy that CNBOU’s products can be liked and displayed by ESOLAR. 

With global energy becoming more of a concern, energy independence is now a priority for many homeowners. Going off-grid is cheaper and easier than ever before. Solar power is now coming into its own as a viable, reliable source of renewable energy. 

What do you need for an off grid solar system?

Solar Panels、Charge Controller、Inverter、Batteries.

In nearly all off-grid solar systems, the inverter is a battery-based inverter. The inverter’s purpose is to take DC power that is stored in the battery bank and converting it to usable AC power and sending it to your loads so it can be used in the same manner as plugging into an AC outlet in a home. BP 1000w power inverters has full-power output just as grid. as well as a DC from battery. It can provide you with 1000W continuous power and 2000W surge power.

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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