About BP series pure sine wave inverter, we have received some feedback from our customers recently. The inverter was damaged irregularly after 2-3 months of usage, thus the machine had no output. After uncovering and examining the damaged pure sine wave inverter, we found its inside was very dirty and its PCB board as well as the surface of components were covered with soppy dust.

For pure sine wave inverter apart from that, DC Input part mosfet , AC output part mosfet and AC output control card’s CPU were all damaged. After further examination, small particles with high temperature were found between pins of CPU. Above analysis supports the small moist particles went into the inside led to short circuit of CPU pins and further caused the damage of DC Input part mosfet , AC output part mosfet and AC output control card‘s CPU.

This kind of breakdown is hard to make judgement for it is not in order. After asking in detail, we found this kind of breakdown usually happened if the pure sine wave inverter was installed in engine housing of trunks or battery compartments near carriage, where are not fully-enclosed so that water can get into there easily, and its humidity is high when raining. The other probability is that while working in complicated surroundings, like grain (cereal and wheat) packaging, a great amount of dust and a certain amount of water exists in the air. The pure sine wave inverter run more safely and steadily if customers installed them in dry and ventilated area according to manual as we suggested.

Actually, we have taken all these factors into account while design BPlus series pure sine wave inverter. There are a lot of force-majeure circumstances leading to problems if used in complex surroundings. So in BPlus series pure sine wave inverter, we add conformal coating in PCB board and components after testing to ensure protection from dampness, salt mist and mildew. The inverter may be used in environment with chemicals, shock, thick dust, salt mist, dampness and high temperature. During usage, PCB board can be wrong in an assortment of ways: erosive, soften, distorted and mildewed, which result in the damage of PCB board and the breakdown of inverters.

In order to avoid this problem popped up again, CPU control panel of BP series applies conformal coating, which adds steadiness in BP series pure sine wave inverter while running under complicated environment.

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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