CNBOU has always been concerned about the electricity consumption of RVs. With the increase in the popularity of RVs, CNBOU’s BPlus series inverter has made a series of targeted designs for RVs.

The BPlus series inverter has launched 12V system and 48V system for RVs. The power of 12V is 2KW and the power of 48V is 2KW/3KW/5KW.

The 48V lifepo4 will be more and more deployed in new RVs. As a high-frequency inverter, BPlus also has 3 times peak power, which can better support the various equipment in RVs. Peak power will be very critical for the use of RVs. The most 3 times peak power on the market are for industrial frequency inverters, and the weight of 5KW is as heavy as 30kg. And BPlus-5000W is only 9.5kg, reduced by 70% for the same power.

The conversion efficiency is <85%, but the 48V of the BPlus series can be as high as 94%. This nearly 10% efficiency increases the battery life in the RV by 10%.

BPlus Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter

• 3 Times peak power

   2000w is as high as 6000w,suitable for any electrical appliances.

• 90℃

   Over temperature

• ≥30 Meter (LCD Display Remote)

   show Battery Capacity/AC Voltage fault code and control

• Light Weight (6KG for 2000W)

   30% of the weight compared to low frequency inverter

• High Conversion Efficiency

   12VDC system up to 90%/ 48VDC system up to 94%

• Support Lifepo4 battery

   Adjustable low voltage protection point through LCD screen

• Standard Modbus communication

   Can communicate with the RV power panel, display parameters and control

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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