Recently, we have completed a new inverter modification work in the Aqiang’s RV modification courtyard. This time, the BPlus Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter 5000W is used for RV transformation. BPlus 5000W can provide 5000W continuous power and 15000W peak power, it can drive high-power equipment. It has a 5V2.1Amp USB interface, which can be used to charge mobile phones, PADs and other devices. And it has the protection function of over-temperature, over-voltage, low-voltage, overload, short circuit and anti-reverse connection. In addition, it has an LCD display and uses standard MODBUS communication, which can accurately display output/input voltage and battery power. You can also change some parameters through the screen, and switch the inverter. The display on the front of the BPlus 5000W inverter can be freely disassembled by the user. We provide a square iron plate, which can be sealed after the user disassembles the display screen. It can prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine, and it can also connect the screen to the RV console to realize remote display and control. This is really convenient for RV users.

What is an inverter used for in an RV?

While your RV batteries generally provide 12 volt DC power, many of the appliances you run in your RV require 120 volts AC. Making this conversion is the primary role of your RV power inverter. An inverter takes 12-volt DC power from your RV batteries and electronically changes it to 120-volt AC. Some RVers use an inverter just to watch TV or for their personal computer. Other RVers use an inverter to operate microwaves, coffee pots or other larger appliances.

Last modified: December 24, 2021



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