With the development of medical technology, the development of electronic medical equipment is more sophisticated, and the requirements for equipment are getting higher and higher. The power supply equipment in medical equipment is also particularly critical, which will be related to the safe and stable operation of the equipment. The medical equipment used in the operation must ensure stable output and strong anti-interference to ensure the smooth completion of the operation, so the requirements for the components are extremely high. CNBOU’s BP series inverter with charging has been running in this equipment for more than 5 years in more than 50 equipment without failure. It mainly supplies power to a 24Vdc switching power supply, which mainly supplies power for industrial computer, DC servo motor driver and other control circuits. It also supplies power to the coil of an AC contactor. The equipment is very complex and the interference is large, and it has very high requirements on the inverter.

Is a pure sine wave inverter better?
At present, there are pure sine wave inverters and modified wave inverters in the market. It can be used in almost all types of equipment, but the modified wave inverter can only run resistive loads. If your inductive loads (such as fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) use the modified wave power supply for a long time, it will shorten the life of the load, even direct damage!

The output of pure sine wave power inverters have lower THD and lower no-load current than modified wave inverters. The output waveform can be almost as smooth as the current from a standard wall socket. If you plan to build a system to use expensive audio equipment or medical equipment, the pure sine wave option may be the right choice. A pure sine wave inverter will put less stress on your equipment due to its lower harmonic distortion level.

How do I choose a power inverter?
There are many pure sine wave inverters on the market. How to distinguish their pros and cons and whether they can be used in precision equipment can be a good test. BP series 2000W wth charger inverter is a high-quality device that uses high-frequency technology to convert DC to AC. It can be used at full load for a long time and provides power protection; no static or humming; equipped with a specially designed AC output filter, realize clean power output and escort the safe operation of precision medical equipment.

Last modified: June 2, 2022



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